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Real Dad Interview : Raising a Daddy’s Girl

MumsVillage Team | Jun 19 2017

Celebrating father’s day? Young dad shares a peak into his parenting life raising a daughter and what it means to be a dad in Nairobi.

5 Mistakes I Have Made Raising a Son

Carolyne Destiny | Jun 19 2017

Parenting is a journey filled with lessons, challenges and adventure at every turn. Sometimes we think we have it figured…

Calling On Fathers On The Day of The African Child

Brenda Okoth | Jun 16 2017

Today Is the International Day of the African Child. It was first established by the Organization of the African Unity in 1991.

Dear Dad, Go For A Checkup This Father’s Day

Valentine Njoroge | Jun 15 2017

This Week on Ask Valentine we are talking about the importance of a regular medical checkup for men. It could be the one thing you do this Father’s Day.

History of Father’s Day and 8 Kenyan Dads You’ll Meet

MumsVillage Team | Jun 14 2017

Do you know about the origins of Father’s Day?     According to History.Com, the campaign to celebrate fathers was…

Father’s Day Gifts for Different Dads You Know

MumsVillage Team | Jun 14 2017

Father’s Day is hopefully a time when the culture says, ‘This is our moment to look at who our men…

Real Dad Story: The Kitchen is Not Out of Bounds for My Sons -Narok Pastor

Miriam Leseni | May 25 2017

Pastor Daniel Kileteny is all about equal rights and men supporting their wives in raising responsible children. He lives by it. This is his story.

Penile Health: What Men Need to Know

MyGyno | May 24 2017

Penile health rarely makes it into regular health tips columns, in great contrast to vaginal health. Both are however intertwined…

My Experience Co-parenting with an Absentee Baby Daddy

Caroline Otieno | Apr 25 2017

Baby daddies aka men who abandon their own aka absentee fathers. If there’s one question I would ask such guys…

Can’t Keep It Up? It might be Prostatitis

MyGyno | Mar 30 2017

Prostatitis is defined as the inflammation of the prostate gland. The prostate is a small-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis.

Male Fertility also Declines with Age

MyGyno | Mar 15 2017

There’s a common misconception that men retain their full fertility potential for almost a lifetime. Nothing could be further from reality.

Revealed: Questions Kenyan Men are Asking Gynecologists

MyGyno | Mar 09 2017

Men don’t routinely visit Gynecologists. But that’s not to say they don’t have questions. These are your man’s main concerns.