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Could Your Baby’s Towel be Robbing them of Moisture?

In my line of work, I have been privy to mothers giving advice to other mums in relation to a fussy baby. Most of them have one common advice when all else fails, take a bath.

Most mums say the sound of the running water and the right temperature of the water on the baby’s skin help to calm them. If you have a tub big enough, you should definitely try soothing them with skin-to-skin contact.


These Do’s and Don’ts during bath time might also help.





It’s important to use the right baby soap or wash to help maintain the moisture in your baby’s skin. This is because your baby’s skin loses moisture up to five times as fast as adult skin.

Your baby’s bath is half the battle, then comes taking your baby out of the bath. You’d be wrong to think that any towel will do. Like the soap or wash used, you should ensure that it helps keep the moisture in.

The towel for your baby should be first and foremost soft to the touch. Be aware though that what feel soft to you doesn’t necessarily have the same effect on the baby. Therefore you may want to choose one that feels extra soft to you. Babies have delicate skin therefore the towel fibers shouldn’t be rough for the baby possibly causing scratches.

Secondly, it is recommended that the towel material be cotton. Cotton is easier on the skin and absorbs water well. Ensure you get a combed cotton brand as others may be soft at first but after a wash it turns into a rough towel.

This will lead to rashes due to friction on the baby’s skin while using the towel. If you can’t do cotton, other mums recommend microfiber towels for your baby.

They are generally softer than cotton, better absorbent and very lightweight. Take caution when using microfiber towels as they could strip your baby of natural oils this making it prone to irritation. Other recommended materials include nylon and flannel.


It is important that the towel have good absorbency so that drying your baby is a quick and easy task. Ensure the towel is fragrance free as well as fragrant towels are NOT baby friendly.




Look into getting a hooded towel as it provides maximum coverage for the baby. The minutes following bath time are crucial because if the baby is not well covered this can result in a cold. Beware that babies are very sensitive to cold and damp environments.


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