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Wondering How To Make Your Bath time a Fun Affair? Read This!

My baby gets sleepy at around 7 pm. The gentle rub on his eyes tells me it’s that time of the day again! Our favorite time, bath time.

Since he was about 2 weeks old, my baby has taken a bath everyday before bedtime. You can tell he enjoys it every time i yell bath time and he starts wiggling and smiling. I like to heat the room up before I bring the baby in, gives us more time with the water which he really loves.
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I discovered Johnson’s Baby products a long time ago before I ever became a mum, taking care of my many nieces and nephews. I knew from then it was a trusted brand and it was only fitting I get a few of their products for my son. There are many good things about Johnson’s products and the one I love most is their no tears formula

I take him in into the room and get him ready for the water, the joy and anticipation growing with every passing second. The world of animals comes alive when I give him his rubber toys,  the duck is favoured over the donkey for some reason. Here I always make up fun songs about the animals and we both share a hearty laugh.

baby laughing

Anyway, we have a favourite song of his, I play each and everyday as I bath him, I hit the play button on and the main show starts. For a whole 4 minutes my son seats in his bathing unit still only listening in..It gives me good time to clean those hard to reach places on his cute little body. Johnson’s now have a new range of anti-bacterial formula that could help me with that, yay! It’s good to know I won’t have to worry about heat rush  during those hot Nairobi days. Babies have really delicate skin and we should protect them as much as possible.

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Off to bed we go! He is 9 months now and every time he sees me squeeze soap out of their easy dispensing bottle, he rubs his little hands together wanting to clean them and other times he reaches for a dummy toothbrush to clean his two teeth. He is well on his way to learning good hygiene habits I can tell but first, he has to stop trying to eat everything!

Say no to germs, say yes to exploring with the new Johnson’s Baby Gentle Protect Products.

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