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Una Siku 40 Kumfuta Mfanyikazi Wako?

Flashback story:  my mfanyikazi has been working for me for about 7 months now. We have been having more downs than ups lately and I thought the Nanny Household Training can save our sinking ship. I can describe our relationship as a confusing one.

She makes the best food and takes care of my son just the way I like but it ends there. Everything else is a struggle and for a long time I had to compromise on my standards on account of my baby. It only got worse from there, coming in late and mumbling things under her breathe. This was a good idea to try and fix things, in my mind I knew this was a last resort or she will be out of the door, Like the 3 that came before her. Finding a good nanny is tough!

On reaching the nanny training establishment, the happy and eager faces of the Procter and Gamble staff meet you at the door. Immediately they give you an overview of the program, what to expect and the benefits of the nanny training, it sounded promising and I looked forward to it. The course involved the following.


Simple communications skills are taught to the nannies, how to relate with their employers, children put under their care among others. They are taught how to express gratitude or air their grievances in a respectable manner. This is important because a lot of nanny-employer relationships end because of poor communication skills that lead to frustrations and misunderstanding.



This involved sensitising on common household items that may be poisonous. How to administer first aid to a person who has either chocked, wounded or or is unresponsive. These life saving techniques can be useful in times of emergency.


They were guided through proper laundry procedures which include sorting, bleaching, ironing and folding. The Nannies learn how to clean different garments by their requirements and proper storage.



The nannies were  also taught how to maintain high standards of personal hygiene that reflects on their professional ability to carry the same. This involves bathing, proper use of sanitary wear, hair care and nails.



This includes dusting, vacuuming , dish-washing, styling and care cleaning of floors toilets and glassware. They learnt about different house products and their uses. How to use different housekeeping appliances/equipment e.t.c


I found this course quite important as it helps them with tips on how to include personal growth in their professional fields. They learn how to save, how to make investments and generate extra income.


My Thoughts

This training program is anything but outstanding. Training nannies has not been a norm in many Kenyan households which has led to some easily preventable accidental deaths of children. It tries to fit a lot of information within a limited time frame. Its a concern that some of the information given should be given a more in-depth look. The hours the nannies attend the training may be conflicting with a demanding employer schedule.

In retrospect, I wish I knew about this sooner, maybe we could have salvaged something. Interacting with other nannies and the teachers at the academy i came to a realization that some things are fixable some are not, they helped me understand this. This weekend we said our goodbyes, I know it will be hard for my son, having formed a bond with his caregiver, but I know we deserve better.

I have learnt a lot, my new nanny arrives tomorrow, her 1st stop is the P&G Household training academy, I am not taking any chances this time!

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