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6 Soothing Lullabies To Get Your Baby to Sleep Faster

Establishing a bedtime routine can be hectic but some things can help really smooth things along. Lullabies are a great tool to have with you but not everyone can sing so enlist YouTube! The following are some YouTube channels that are a go to for some mums. We hope they will help you too!


  1. Johnson’s UK

Johnson’s is loved for their great baby products but turns out they have great online content too! Is there is anything these guys aren’t good at? They have a variety of content including loads of bedtime lullabies. Frankly, I’m a bit sleepy after listening to a couple of them.



2. Super Simple Songs

This channel has over 7 million subscribers thus a reinforcement that their content must be pretty good. Their lullaby videos come with great animation images as well reinforcing the sleep idea.



3. Little Baby Bum

This channel has lots of great content for your little one particularly nursery rhymes. Plus, most of them are pretty long so you don’t have to keep looking up videos once one is done.



4. Hoopla Kidz

You know those lullabies that even put you to sleep? Yep, they have those, Hoopla Kidz have all those classic nursery rhymes plus other nursery rhymes too!



5. McClung Music

McClung Music is the hook up when it comes to lullabies with new videos going up every Monday and Thursday.


6. Best Baby Lullaby

If the name doesn’t convince you enough just have a look at the video below.


We’ve picked five of the best, so sing along to our instrumental MP3s or download the full songs and play them to baby.


Happy sleeping for both you and your baby! 


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