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What Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman

This is just a few phrases I have picked up from people around me, so my advice to you if you are single, married and don’t have children, are not pregnant…try and avoid this statements, ‘some are dedicated to my dear friends and if you do not stop when you get pregnant I shall try not reciprocate.’

Oh! When are you due? In like three weeks? No, next month? Oh, 2 months? Just ask when I am due and shut up, wait for the answer because as you guess all I hear is, you are fat already and need to give birth like yesterday.

Do you eat all the time? Really what kind of a question is that, actually, I eat all the time, I don’t sleep I do nothing else other than eat…

Are you always tired? Wow, now that might sound caring but no it is not cause that question to me was oh! you are so fat you cannot possibly rest well.

This can only be said in Swahili, UMESHIBA? It is probably meant to be a nice happy statement but not, I am pregnant and I don’t like it cause all I hear you say is, YOU ARE FAT!

How much weight is one supposed to add through pregnancy? Are you saying I am too fat already? Please google and get the answer and please do not follow this question with, “how much have you added so far?”

For the sake of making this short post, I shall give my last contribution. Do not come up with new names like kadumbo or any other name or ask questions like “will you fit there?, Are you the one who knocked that off?, Will you eat all that?, Did you finish all that?, Si wewe umeshiba.”

Hope you are not laughing.

Thank you!

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