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What are Learning Disabilities?

Is your child having attention problems in class? Or maybe they are having a hard time expressing their thoughts? It might be a learning disability (LD). For kids with this condition, processing what they take in is usually hard. This is not because they are stupid but because they see and understand things in a different way.

The disability affects the child’s reading, writing as well as calculating ability. Mastering typing, playing puzzles, tying a shoe lace and buttoning will take them longer than with most kids. Despite the kids being smart, they are unable to express themselves well which frustrates them.

The book ‘Educating Exceptional Children’ brings to light types of learning disabilities. It also contains the best teaching practices for the kids. According to the book, not all children with learning disabilities have the same set of challenges. A majority have difficulty learning to read, spell and write. Others have problems with math, attending to information and completing tasks. Some have difficulty with all academic areas.

Other signs you can look out for at preschooler age include the following.

 Weak motor skills that will affect their ability to write well.

 Kids cannot recollect instructions well either. This is especially if they were more than one.

 Delay in speech development and speech difficulties which include not being able to pronounce


 They take time to read and learn new words. This restricts their vocabulary.

 As they read aloud you will note that they may skip some of the words. Sometimes, they might

even replace them.

 Most kids with learning difficulties will find it hard to be attentive for long.

Every child is an individual and they will portray some but not all the characteristics mentioned. To avoid misdiagnosis, have him assessed by an expert. To learn successfully, kids with LD need tutors who are patient and understanding. They also need a setting where they can learn at their own pace. This environment should also nurture their creativity.

“…with the right support and intervention, the child can succeed in school and have a successful career later in life. This is by means of fostering the child’s strengths and knowing his or her weaknesses. He or she should be helped to develop their strong points to the fullest of their potential.” says Dr. Runo in an interview with Standard Media. Dr. Mary Runo is Kenyatta University’s appointed chairperson of the

Special Education Department.

Whoopi Goldberg an actress, author and humanitarian and billionaire business man Sir Richard Branson are some of the notable people who have had learning disabilities. This goes to show that not being able to learn as fast as the other kids should not keep them from being the best they can be.

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