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Practical Time Hacks for Busy Mums

We all know how hectic it can get for a classic working mom or a stay at home between balancing work life, chores and being a mom,  there will always be an urgency to race from one chore to another. This often leaves you feeling like you are chasing two rabbits and catching none. To manage these two involve a routine that will help you manage your time better.

Here are a couple of hacks that I compiled that can help you get through the day

1.Nanny 911

This is the first step to save yourself the agony of thinking about house chores, whether it is a live in nanny or a day bag. I no longer have to worry about meals after work or any chores with the nanny around . You will need one, this way when you get home from work you have an easier time. You are able to spend time with the kids and get adequate rest.

2. Meal plan

Have a proper meal plan, have a time table for everyday and every meal. I visit a meat vendor, City market has the best deals in town purchase meat ranging from white to red meat in bulk, there is also the alternative of buying prepared food have it divided into smaller portions and refrigerate.

I have a timetable with a daily meal plan for each day  breakfast ,lunch and dinner, I also ensure that I have my fridge stocked with the required ingredients and it works perfectly. This has saved me both time and money.

3. Daily Routine

Getting organised and having a strict schedule especially for stay at home moms is very essential. Routines are usually boring but having one can save you the headache of having not accomplished anything.

When it comes to meal time and naps I have a strict schedule for my daughter, this way even when the help is not around i can still do house chores without loosing my sanity.Try to make sure when the kids are asleep or away(at school) you get laundry done, wash the dishes and even prepare meals in advance. This will seem quite difficult, but the results are highly rewarding.

4. Pre Occupy The kids

Especially if you are a stay at home mom, keeping the kids occupied with either toys or simple activities such as colouring will come in handy to ensure you have a variety of activities to keep them busy.

The beauty of cartoons,animation books and lots of toys is that you can keep your child busy while you go about your business, i invested a lot in toys so that during lazy weekends and the nanny is not around i get to keep my little one busy.These activities can kick boredom away, you can rest and maybe if you are lucky catch up on a few episodes of your favorite series.

5.  Family Calendars and To-do Lists

This way you will be able to see upcoming events or activities with your family, you will be able to know what is coming up during that week or month. It is essential to put this down along with to do lists so as to ensure everything that needs to be done is accorded priority. I prefer to do family calendars,the advantage of having one is that whenever we get invited somewhere example  a birthday party knowing this in advance i get to buy gifts early in advance. I also like to settle bills every first of the month, so the to do list comes in handy , i get the chance to review upcoming bills and settle them on time as well.

6. It’s Okay To Say NO

There are times that it simply does not work, and there is nothing wrong in saying NO.I once got invited to a baby shower and i knew i could not make it, there were more pressing matters that needed to be addressed at home. I however sent over my gift through a friend. Before you commit to anything remember that your family at home needs you more.

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