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6 Tips for Travelling with a Weaning Baby

Travelling with a weaning baby already involves packing a mini suitcase for a short trip to the supermarket.

Add food to the packing list and you have mummy biting her fingernails due to a panic attack. However, you can be smart about carrying baby food so that things flow smoothly for everyone. Wondering how? Here are a few hacks that should make feeding your baby while you’re on the go a breeze.

  1. Cook the food in batches and store it in ice cube trays. Remove one or two cubes when leaving the house and warm it up. Invest in a good food warmer that will keep the food warm up to 7 hours.

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2. Carry the amount of food you need in its frozen state if you are visiting a friend or family member who won’t mind you using their kitchen. This also applies if you are going for a long trip, say out of town. For long trips, pack baby’s food cubes in a cooler, along with ice or cool packs.


3. If your baby is already eating finger foods, pack some to keep him entertained on the road. Have an adult sitting next to the baby to watch out for choking. Better safe than sorry.

4. You could also buy premade organic baby food jars from Healthy U as an extra in case baby’s food runs out, pours accidentally or goes bad due to the changing temperatures. This mostly applies to longer trips where you will be away for a couple of days.

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5. Carry sanitizer and a bottle of pre-mixed sterilizing solution. Simply mix some sterilizing solution such as Miltons with the recommended amount of water and pack for use on the trip. This will help in case you don’t have access to water and soap. It’s important to maintain the high levels of hygiene you have enforced at home to prevent infections in the baby.


6. Carry the ingredients and cook in the hotel kitchen if they will allow. You could carry whole butternut and have it steamed as you wait for your other order. Some hotel kitchens will let you go in and supervise this process. Be sure to check in advance to avoid disappointment.




Extra Tips: Always pack a little more food than you think you’ll need – your baby’s routine will probably be completely out of the window and you’ll need to “go with the flow” for a while. Consider investing in waterproof bibs which are easier to wipe and can be reused. You can also purchase these baby essentials from MumsVillageShop and take advantage of our current offers

Happy Travelling with your Weaning Baby!

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