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Parenting Hack : Is your Toddler Ready for Potty Training?

Many parents look forward to when their child can start potty training because as we all know, diapers are not very pocket friendly.The eco-friendly mums are also looking forward to a reduced laundry load by bidding the nappies goodbye.


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You can tell that your toddler is ready for potty training when they are confident about walking without any support as this shows that they will be able to take themselves to the potty or bathroom once they get the hang of things. Your toddler should be able to squat without losing balance and easily get back on their feet.

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You can also start potty training when your toddler can stay dry for about an hour and can tell when they have soiled themselves. This will help to show them when they should use the potty. Finally, another sign that shows that your toddler is ready is if they can understand commands such as “come here” or “stop doing that”.

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Get more information from our printable toilet training readiness checklist found here.


Happy potty training!

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