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Cussons Baby Gift Box : The One Item on A Mother’s Wishlist

Hey mums, have you seen this latest baby product by Cussons Baby on the supermarket shelves? Maybe at a baby shower? The packaging is eye-catching and seemed to call out my name, so I did what any normal mum would do… I grabbed one pack and rushed to check it out before my mind regained its senses.

I call the box a self wrapped gift in the sense that it’s already so beautiful, it doesn’t require further wrapping before being presented to the lucky mum. You can even write the name of the mum baby at the back of the box.


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The care package contains the essentials needed to give the baby a five-star experience during bath time. There’s a milk bath, lotion, oil, cologne, diaper cream, powder and best of all, a CD with 10 lullabies designed to enhance bath time. All the products in this package are made from almond milk and rose oil. Almond milk contains 50% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin E and is good for moisturising baby’s skin. Rose oil has antiseptic properties and a calming effect on the baby making it a good pre-bedtime partner.


The milk bath foams quickly in warm water and is mild on the eyes. My daughter had a blast kicking in her bath as she played with her toys. The milk bath did not over dry her skin which for me is a good thing. She smelled so good afterwards!!

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I used the milk lotion on her face and loved how light and oil-free it was. It left her face feeling smooth and fresh. I then proceeded to give her a massage using the oil, all this while classical lullabies played from the FREE CD. This was definitely a good idea; the oil is amazing and glides over the skin making it the perfect massage companion for your baby. I wish they put the music on a flash disk since CDs have a shorter life because of getting scratches.


My mum loved the cologne scent but I am not too big on flowery scents. The cologne contains alcohol so be sure not to apply it on baby’s skin directly. Alcohol dries skin quickly and will counter the wonderful moisturising of the lotion and oil. I suggest dabbing some onto the baby’s clothes.

All in all, this is an ingenious product by Cussons Baby that I would recommend to mums.

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