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5 Life Skills You Wish Your Nanny Had

With our crazy Nairobi traffic and even crazier work schedules, nannies have become the crutch that props up our lives as working mums. They are our pair of eyes while we are not in the house. Wouldn’t it be great if they could get everything right?

We all know that no one is perfect and worse still, no one can do everything in the same exact manner as yourself. However, don’t we all wish we would get that one nanny who can read our mind even before we form the words? A Nanny with the necessary life skills? This is just the thing that the P&G Nanny Household Academy is determined to do for mums and their nannies.

In a perfect world, my nanny’s life skills would be:

1. Reading skills

She would have a good grasp of reading and solving basic sums so that she would supervise the kids as they complete their homework. It would be comforting to not come home to an academic mess.

2. Amazing Housekeeping

My super nanny would be the Martha Stewart of my house to the level of arranging the spices in an alphabetic order or the cereals in order of calories contained. She would always have my kitchen spick and span making any housefly think twice before landing on the tabletops. My nanny would even take a jembe to my kitchen garden (Yay! for team organic) during her free moments to tend to my vegetables.

3. Culinary skills that are to die for

She would be able to point out a country on the globe and whip up said country’s local cuisine. Githeri would be a thing of the past in my household. Don’t get me wrong, githeri was overrated in my high school and frankly I don’t care much for it. Coming home to a plate of oysters and some chocolate soufflé for dessert is something I wouldn’t mind. Most importantly one who can put together healthy meals for my little one or a quick easy dinner with leftovers takes the cup.

4. Accounting skills that would put a CPA to shame.

That’s right! My perfect nanny would be able to do some mean bookkeeping. She would know how to spend every penny wisely and account for it if need be. She would be Internet savvy and know how to source for good deals on OLX or Mkulima Bora. Heck, I would even trust her with my credit card!

5. Safety and First Aid skills.

Since my kids would be the hyper types that seem to be accident magnets, my nanny would have the necessary first aid skills to ensure that they live to celebrate their 50th birthday. She would know how to handle a scenario where my little one is choking on the insanely tasty croissant that she made for breakfast. She would even know how to deal with a sprain or fracture just in case my baby boy decides to be Superman flying off the dining table. Maybe this would all be a reality if I took my nanny for the P&G Nanny Household Academy training.

First aid kit

Through this FREE Nanny Training sessions, P&G aims to teach your nanny the life skills on how to be better at her work through training and empowerment, how to manage resources better and how to stand out. This oh-so-important nanny training will be on:

● Time management

● Housekeeping tips

● Personal hygiene and grooming

● Personal development e.g saving, opening bank account etc

● First Aid and Safety


There will be 2 sessions daily- 8:00am-1pm and 2:00pm- 6:00pm.

(They would only need to attend either of the sessions).


The remaining sessions will take place in:

LANGATA (Onyonka Estate, Hse no.A248, near Langata hospital and Oil Libya stage) – 29th March, 2016 to 2nd April, 2016

[Book A Spot Now! – Call 0791 665653 or Visit  this website for more information ]

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