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6 Essentials to Pack in your Hospital Bag

Childbirth is one thing that we try to be as prepared for as possible. Many mothers begin to pack their hospital bag by the start of their third trimester or even at the first sign of pregnancy.You don’t want to lug a whole suitcase with you as you check into the delivery ward, nor do you want to forget the crucial items. You can put in on your pregnancy calendar. Here are six must-haves to take.



  1. Birth plan. 

If you have written a birth plan (highly recommended), this should be the first item to put in your hospital bag. This vital document will help you be more relaxed because it communicates your wishes to the medical personnel. While at it, pack your insurance card and some extra money.


2. Extra undies and extra-absorbent pads.

Underwear will be a necessity especially after giving birth. You could also opt to buy disposable underwear if you don’t want to deal with bloody underwear (blood is a must see in this setting unfortunately). Most hospitals will provide the maternity pads but it doesn’t hurt to carry your own pack in your hospital bag just as a precaution. pregnant-woman


3. Toothbrush, Soap and Towel

Since you will be in hospital for a couple of days after giving birth, it is important to remember your personal hygiene items and cosmetics. You don’t want to worry about having bad breath in the presence of your visitors and your precious bundle of joy.If you carry your own soap or shower gel, fragrance, facial wash, night cream and other pampering items, you will feel more like yourself.


4. Slippers

You will need to walk around while in hospital and take a bath. Hospital floors are generally cold so you will be glad you didn’t forget comfortable footwear.

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5. Diapers and wipes

Some hospitals will give you diapers to use but charge a premium for this. To avoid this, pack your preferred brand of diapers and wipes for your baby. You will also get to avoid having to use different brands on the baby incase the hospital stocks a different brand from the one you prefer.



6. Clothes

This is both for you and the baby. You will find that loose comfortable and loose clothing works better for you when leaving the hospital. And you obviously don’t expect to leave the hospital with a naked baby so carry some warm clothes for the little one. If you had a twin pregnancy just double up on the little ones clothes.



Don’t worry about noting these down. Click here to download and save your complete printable hospital packing checklist courtesy of MumsVillage. If you know of a friend who will soon give birth, print a copy for her as a practical baby shower gift.

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