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Uber For Breastmilk Delivery App Goes Viral With Mums

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We almost fell out of our chairs yesterday when we saw that our UberNyonyo breastmilk delivery app got over 100,000 downloads in one day, crashing our beta testing environment.

Our Village Studios lab had been testing our ‘Uber for Breastmilk’ with a closed user group of mums. This app is designed to solve the problem of transporting pumped milk from home or work in small freezers on the back of boda bodas (motorcycle taxis that nimbly get around Nairobi’s traffic).

Little did we know that mums across Kenya found out about the UberNyonyo app and the download link spread virally after huge excitement at the new bill that was passed in Kenya’s Parliament. Dubbed the Health Bill 2015, this provision and disclaimer will force companies to set aside special areas for breastfeeding and pumping for nursing employees to make the workplace environment friendlier for working mums.

This is a significant accomplishment as the same proposal was rejected by the previous parliament after business groups threatened to stop employing women if forced to provide breastfeeding facilities. The Bill also states that employers shall grant all nursing employees break intervals in addition to the regular times off for meals to breastfeed or express milk.

UberNyonyo is the first major release of Village Studios which is a tech lab in Nairobi focused on solving issues for African women through technology. Our tech lead Mercy is confident that UberNyonyo will be the most innovative breastfeeding related app compared to the Top 5 Breastfeeding Apps of 2015. Eliminating the stress of whether baby has fed well will make mums dedicate more time and energy to their office tasks.

UberNyonyo will soon be available again for downloading on Android and iOS so feel free to leave your email address to join the waiting list. We believe this app will go a long way in improving productivity in the workplace. We love hearing from you and don’t forget that it takes a village (and today that village is Parliamentarians and Boda Boda drivers!)


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