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Twins? 10 Surprising ways to Survive the First Year

You may recall that sunny Friday afternoon in your doctor’s office as you looked at the ultra sound monitor excited to see your little bundle of joy. At this point in the pregnancy the hormones have taken your emotions hostage and you sometimes find yourself crying at how cute your neighbors puppies are. Then your doctor makes that face, you know that one of surprise but you can’t tell if it’s good or bad. So you wait to hear and she says, “You’re having twins!” Your husband honestly looks terrified, it’s a bit funny.


Now you have 4 month old twin girls and any 10 seconds you get to close your eyes is sacred. Having twins isn’t just about getting to dress them up in matching tutus but a whole lot more that sometimes people don’t tell you. Here are 10 things you to get you prepared in doing everything and expecting it back in double doses


  1. Have a set of your go-to products 

Your hands are going to be full a lot now that you have twins. So you’ll find that you’ll delegate a number of things like shopping. Your husband or partner will likely be the one shopping so you need to give the names of products you’d like. Men aren’t always as detailed as we are so don’t really see difference between products. For bath and oils you should opt for Johnson’s due to its gentle properties thus great for all skin types. Have a physical list probably on your fridge of which brand of diapers, soap, oils, wipes and shampoo. It will come in handy more than you think.



  1. Solid Crib set up

Ensure that you have a good set up of the cribs in the room. Make sure the cubs are either pulled together such that there is no space between them or on opposite sides of the room. This way when they begin to crawl out of their cribs they won’t fall into a space between the cribs and get stuck.


  1. Have a bath partner at all times

Make sure that you always have someone to help you bath the twins at all times. Before you set up the bath lay out the clothes they will change into as well the diaper all in order. This way after the bath you’ll have an quick and easy assembly line. This is where you partner or nanny will come in handy as each person gets a baby.


  1. Bath them together

It’s easier to get things done for the twins when they are together. So put them in the bathtub together for bath time. Use a laundry basket to keep them together. You will need toys to keep them entertained as bath time will definitely take longer compared to bathing a single baby. Don’t forget to have a helping hand!


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  1. Feed them together

Breastfeeding on its own can be hard to grasp and breastfeeding twins at a go can be challenging as well. It will be easier in the long run to feed both at once. Trust, you don’t want a screaming baby each time you have to feed one and wait to feed the next.


  1. Meal prep is a MUST

Once you they begin to wean, prepping your meals in batches will definitely save you some ample time. Take a Sunday afternoon and just cook and freeze all their meals for the week. This way, all you’ll have to do is defrost and warm. Making meals on demand can end up being a stressful situation with hungry crying babies on your neck.


  1. Get good car seats

I cannot emphasize this enough, good car seats that work for you are very important. Getting to and from the car is 10% of the Parenting struggle for twin parents so make sure you get a pair that works for you and your little one.


  1. Get attached strollers

Save yourself the struggle of learning to balance a stroller with one hand get strollers that attach or come attached. Taking walks on a warm afternoon will be much easier. 


  1. Avoid making comparisons

It’s tempting to compare the progress of your twins but please don’t. Remember that they are unique beings and will grow at their own pace. It’s perfectly normal for one to reach a milestone before the other and this will happen. Keep this mantra in mind even when they grow up.


  1. Don’t forget to breathe

You will feel tired and overwhelmed at times or all the times. But don’t forget to take a minute to breath. Allocate some disconnect time when you hand over the babies to their father or friend and just relax even if it’s for five minutes. This down time will keep you sane.



It’s a challenging journey but an amazing one. You will go through a roller coaster of emotions but know you’re not alone regardless of your situation. If you feel overwhelmed reach out to a friend or other mums of multiples. Interacting with people who can relate with your journey will help because sometimes relating to mums who have one baby can be hard. Again, do not make comparisons. You are a perfect mum for your children. 

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