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Things People Say When You’re Pregnant That Maybe They Shouldn’t

It seems that when you’re pregnant, those around you suddenly get the courage to say a lot of… interesting things.


Some allege that “pregnancy brain” is a thing, while it seems like “onlooker of pregnancy brain” is more like it. If you have ever been pregnant, chances are that some bold individual has made one or more of these comments to you and managed to test your patience at the same time.


“You’re STILL pregnant?”

Pregnancy seems to proceed at average pace right until the last couple months, and trust a pregnant mum, no one realizes this more than them. Patience is a virtue, and the next time you consider bringing attention to the drawn out pregnancy of a mum – we recommend you don’t.

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“You’re probably glad you can sleep now, imagine when the baby gets here!”

Incubating an active individual for months at a time and having your bladder manipulated isn’t exactly the best recipe for quality sleep. Chances are that this mum is anticipating delivering her little bundle of joy, longing for more or less having her body to herself again.

Not all babies scream and cry all through the night! Some newborns *crosses fingers* sleep quite well actually.

“You barely gained weight, your baby is going to be so tiny.”

Write this down as a great way to induce anxiety in a pregnant mum. You really can’t tell a baby’s projected weight by looking at a pregnant mum and the idea that a baby will be significantly underweight or premature is a scary one.


“How much weight have you gained?”

Related to the previous comment, the amount of weight a mum has/hasn’t put on isn’t what anyone other than her should be concerned about.

“Should you be doing that/ Shouldn’t you do this?”

Concern for a pregnant mum and her baby is well and good but even if this mum’s actions are in your eyes negatively impacting her well being, or that of the baby, these decisions are a mums to make.

“Wasn’t one enough?”

A pregnant mum of one or more no doubt already contemplates how she will manage a fuller house. Statements like “How will you handle three?” or “I don’t know how you’re going to handle more” doubt the competency of a mum and project your doubts on the already concerned mum.

“You look tired”

Surprisingly this one needs explanation. A pregnant mum endures a lot whether it be changes in weight, other health issues or scrutiny from those around her. The last thing she needs is attraction drawn to how tired she looks when she often bends over backwards to hide it.

“You’re having a girl/boy because…”

Too often onlookers become preoccupied with the sex of the baby and how that will manifest in their gender roles. Truth is, no one can predict the sex of your baby by how they carry, how attractive you are during pregnancy or any other myth.

Babies will be babies and will decide on their own how they present themselves to the world.


“How do you find the energy to ___ while you’re pregnant?”

Pregnancy is a state of being, not an illness! Onlookers can be extremely hypersensitive to pregnant women, when they are incredibly strong. Statements like “I can’t believe you can do that while pregnant” underestimate the strength of not only pregnant mums, but women in general. There are things pregnant mums can do that non mums can’t!

Pregnant mums hear a lot of things while carrying that can make them doubt their readiness to deliver, to parent and to carry in the future. If anyone knows a pregnant mum’s preparedness and capacity to parent well, it’s a mum. If you’re a mum, carrying past or present, never doubt when you’ve already proven yourself in motherhood!


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