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The Gentle Art of Baby Massage: With Johnson’s Cotton Touch Baby Oil

Massaging babies is a gentle practice that has been passed down from generation to generation in several cultures worldwide. It’s not a practice that’s done just for the baby’s delight but is also recommended by healthcare professionals as it helps them in their growth and development.

Massaging has been proven to have both psychological and physical benefits for the baby. A tender and gentle massage makes the child feel more comfortable and loved. It makes them more alert and active throughout the day and improves their sleeping patterns

While, massaging your baby has an undeniably infinite number of benefits, you may be stuck on what you should use on your baby. Many parents can attest to the versatility of baby oil in this exercise and the Johnson’s baby oil is a favourite among many parents in Kenya. It is smooth and mildly scented and delicate on the baby’s skin as well.

How to use the Johnson’s Cotton Touch Baby Oil for massage?

It is advisable to start massaging your baby from birth or from the moment you are ready to do so as a parent. For a new born, the massage sessions should last for a few minutes and then longer as the baby gets used to it. Remember to be gentle.

A good massage also helps in increasing blood circulation, reducing gas and is ideal for the development of strong bones, improved breathing and muscular relaxation.

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If you are a first-time parent, here are some tips that can help you ease into it:

  • Slightly and gently heat the baby oil
  • Rub the oil between your palm
  • Massage the baby gently in large circular motions
  • Remember to massage the back, tummy and limbs
  • Offer support to the baby by wrapping your hands fully around the baby’s body while you massage.
  • Make sure the room is warm, quiet and has soft lighting. If it’s cold, make sure your baby is covered with a soft blanket and only take out the part of the body you intend to massage.
  • Lay the baby on a blanket preferably in your bed or a soft surface. If you prefer to stand during the massage, you can use the changing table instead.
  • Do not wear hand jewellery like rings and bracelets as they could potentially scratch the baby’s skin

It is recommended to massage your baby at a time when they are awake and relaxed.  You can choose to massage after bathing which allows them to extend the relaxing effect of a warm bath or massage them before bedtime. Avoid massaging your baby when he or she is sleeping or crying.

The Johnson’s Cotton Touch Baby Oil is perfect for a gentle massage as it is light in texture and is easily absorbed on your baby’s skin. It is recommended by dermatologists worldwide and is allergy-tested. It is the perfect moisturiser which soothes and protects your baby from dry skin.

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