Choosing sweaters for your little ones

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The best sweaters for your little ones

What is it made of?   – It is so important to consider the material when choosing clothes for a baby’s delicate skin. Wool can be lovely and warm but be sure to choose only the softest yarn, otherwise it can be itchy. Avoid, too, any fluffy fibres which shed easily into little eyes and noses. Cotton is an ideal choice for baby clothes – it is hypoallergenic meaning it won’t irritate the skin or cause allergies. It is also soft, looks great and is warm without being too heavy.

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The style –   Anyone who has ever dressed a wriggly baby knows only too well how great it is when clothes are easy to get on. A cardigan or jacket can be easier to slip on than a jumper and are perfect for layering on top of a baby-grow on chillier days.  When choosing jumpers or sweaters, look for buttons on the shoulder, or a wide, loose neck so that it can easily slip over baby’s head

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Washing and care – Caring for sweaters usually requires a little more thought than everyday clothes. With proper care, a hand knit jumper can last for years and be passed from child to child. Some garments are hand wash-only, whereas others can be washed in the machine, usually at 30 or 40 degrees. Consider whether you want something that you, or the new mum, can easily throw in the washing machine, or whether you’re happy to wash by hand.

How to hand wash baby knits – follow the simple four step rule – Soak, Rinse, Roll, Dry…Soak the jumper for ten minutes in tepid water and mild detergent,  swilling gently from time to time…Rinse by filling the sink with clean water and swishing the jumper around. Gently scrunch the jumper (never wring or twist) to remove excess water and repeat this until water is clear…Roll the jumper by lying it flat on a towel and rolling it up tight. The towel will absorb most of the water…finally, Dry the jumper by lying it flat in the correct shape. An ironing board works well for this as it allows air to circulate.

What size should you buy? –   Are you buying sweaters for a newborn? A teeny preemie baby? A toddler? Give some thought to the size you choose – newborn-sized knits can make a gorgeous gift for a new baby, but bear in mind that the cute little jumper may only fit for a few weeks. Buying a larger size means that the baby will be able to wear it for longer. If in doubt, opt for a bigger size as baby will always grow into it.

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