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Tell Tale Signs of Being a Mum

Mums have a reputation for being superhuman: multitaskers, caretakers and role models.

There is no one template for a mum, though they all seem to possess an unspeakable trait. If you find the below to be true for you, you just might be a mum.

You do more in minutes than most do in a whole day.

A mum doesn’t clock in in the morning and out at night – a mum’s every moment is filled with caring for her child. Where tasks for little ones end, ones to keep herself together begin. With two full time jobs, it’s a wonder how a mum does it.


Heaven and hell can occur simultaneously.

Even when you’re tending to a screaming baby or a broken bone, there’s no way you’d rather have it. Things can occur trying to ruin your whole day, but often your ability to make it through makes your day instead.

A shower alone and a locked door can feel like a luxury escape.

Your full time job of being a mum can seem relentless at times. Moments to yourself may be few and far between, making you appreciate them so much more. Even if it’s just escaping for a quick shower or taking an evening out, moments of self care may be rare, but are always essential.


“Go to your room” is your love language.

It’s never fun playing the bad mum but discipline is necessary. Children need to learn what not to do just as much as they need to learn what to do. You’d rather be the one to teach them right from wrong than put them in a situation where they couldn’t tell the difference between the two. You don’t hesitate to confiscate a toy or send them to their room because even though they may get mad, they’ll thank you eventually.

Wine counts as fruit, right?

Getting everything you need all of the time is impossible, even for non mums. You don’t beat yourself up for not maintaining a stellar diet all of the time. Have a glass of wine, watch your favorite show. You are the parent of a tiny human and deserve your own cheat day.

You’d take a flu over having your child get it.

Your child will have bad days, illnesses, and mistakes, though that doesn’t make seeing them experience these things any easier. If it were up to you, you’d redirect any harm coming your child’s way to yourself in hopes that they never experience it, though discomfort is a natural part of life.


What “ew” reflex?

With a tiny human comes tiny germs, accidents etc. As a mum you don’t get the choice a majority of the time to say “ew” or “I’ll opt out of dealing with that”. Your child is your responsibility so you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, wipe the nose and clean up the mess.

Someone matters to you more than you.

More than anything, being a mother is about guiding someone through life and it’s many ups and downs, more concerned about their wellness more than your own. When there are three pieces of cake and two people, you suddenly aren’t in the mood for cake. When they ask if you have time and you don’t, you try your best to say you do anyway. Being a mum is about sacrifice, unconditional love, and responsibility. Being a mum is an identity you answer to and define yourself by, and chances are if you relate to any of these traits, in some capacity you are one.


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