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The Benefits of Practicing Transcendental Meditation

At a crucial turning point in my life I decided to learn a meditation technique which would be a life changing experience. This happened when the trillion dollar questions kept resurfacing – ‘what is the meaning of life? Why am I here? Was there a before and will there be an after?

The technique I learnt is called Transcendental Meditation. The introduction to the methodology felt as if I had been transported to another realm and dimension. When I started the meditating I knew I had found some answers to my unending questions about life. I began calming down as the months passed and also felt I was going through a huge internal change. Things seemed clearer, making tough decisions felt simpler, I felt lighter and realized that this was my life. I was the only one who could decide what type of life I wanted by determining what worked and that which did not. Facing outcomes was inevitable and since my attitude and behavior seemed to be changing I was able to take things from a more reasonable and balanced state of mind.


When I find something that is valuable, effective, transformational or healing I share far and wide so others can reap similar benefits and have life-changing experiences. I probably sent over 50 people to the Center to learn TM over the next few years.


My daughters Natasha -14 at that time and Charlene -12 were going through the first biggest hormone fluctuation in their lives. I felt it was important that I take them to learn this remarkable technique. It felt like the right thing to do to equip them with a tool this early which I had managed to find at 31. I took time to explain to them how TM was helping me and how it would help them. They learnt and practiced for a while. I realized that I had offered them a tool and whether they chose to pursue it or not would be defined by each one of them. Imposing would not be helpful as I later learnt as they had a lot on their plates just being teenagers.


Over the years they have each followed their own way of meditation through different techniques and modes that suited each of their unique beautiful personalities and characters. We did not follow traditional ways in our home and I know from my personal experience that it is very important to prepare children with the best tools possible for life.


We have no guarantees on what the outcomes will be however letting kids figure things out as they go along and being there to support and love them is the best any parent can do!



To find out more about TM – Please visit WWW.TM.ORG


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