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10 Questions To Ask Your New Kindergarten Teacher


You have anticipated your family vacation to a new destination for a while now, a road trip to the seaside. All is set, everything is packed and what a delight to know that in just a few hours time you will enjoy the gentle breeze, hear the unending waves crash at the seashore, feel the warmth of the sun and delight your palate with delicious delicacies.

However, in just a few hours, you find yourself, not at the sea but some place else! What went wrong? You then recall the point at which you encountered a cross road. Unsure of which way to go you took a wild guess and now you think regrettably, if only we had asked!
Are there certain things it would be wise to ask your child’s new kindergarten teacher before starting a journey in the new school as it were? Below are 10 questions worth asking:
1. If meals are provided do they cater for various preferences?
This is important to know especially if your child is a vegetarian or non-vegetarian for that matter or if your child has certain food allergies such as milk, eggs, or nuts. This will ensure that your child is well catered for and arrest any emergencies. It will also aid in seating your child away from another who may have carried a snack with a food he/she may be allergic to.
2. In the instance that your child requires certain medication during his/her time at school, how will the teacher ensure that it is given at the right time?
It is very important to discuss this issue with the teacher as this knowledge will help the teacher make sure the medication is administered and will give you peace of mind. An example would be if a child is epileptic.
3. What measures are taken if it is noted that your child has a learning difficulty that had not been detected?
Posing this question will help the teacher see the need to inform you promptly if anything may be observed and thus help your child receive the appropriate assistance.
4. Is a daily diary provided?
The benefit of having a diary to see how your child has performed each day gives you valuable insight even at the times when you are away from your child. You can thus commend him/her on work well done or offer balanced discipline if necessary. Your child will also see that there is a connect between home and school.
5. How is bullying dealt with if noticed?
This question will show the teacher that you are concerned about your child’s welfare and that any problem should and will be dealt promptly.
6. If your child, for a variety of reasons, does not celebrate certain festivals, how will it be dealt with?
Each individual, young or old, should be respected for the choices they make. Hence it would be a good question to ask and find out if the school will respect you and your child’s right to choose.
7. What does the class time-table consist of?
Knowledge of the time-table is good for you as a parent to understand the curriculum offered and to see if it is sufficient according to your personal expectations.
8. Which extra- curricular activities are available?
From a tender age it is advisable to cater for your child’s holistic development. Therefore knowing what the school offers in terms of sport, musical instruments, horse-riding and so on, will help you decide what would be of benefit to your child.
9. Which mode of discipline is employed?
This will help deduce what is appropriate and what is acceptable for your child in accordance with your values.
10. If your child develops a reaction to something such as cut grass or dust what steps are taken?
Asking such a question will give you insight of the teacher’s readiness to deal with such a situation and consequently put your mind at ease.

Recalling your trip to the seaside, you would have avoided a lot of time wasting and disappointment if only you had asked. Therefore when embarking on your child’s journey to a new school, make sure you ask the necessary questions and you will be content when you get the right answers.

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