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How to Stay on Exclusive Breastfeeding during the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner and for most people, this translates to parties, travelling, shopping, entertaining and generally having a good time.

The temptations and the fatigue of these occasions make it much harder to stay on the exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) wagon. Especially so when you find yourself subconsciously contemplating that one glass of wine.

How do you ensure that your baby still gets an adequate supply of your breast milk?


Here are some tips:

1.Always carry your breast pump with you and an extra bottle.

You can get a few minutes to express some milk and this will definitely boost your supply. Express as much as possible. Whenever you get some free time, keep yourself occupied by expressing and freezing the milk in labeled containers.



2. Keep healthy snacks within reach.

The holidays are synonymous with lots of eating and it’s important to eat well so that your milk flow and quality is not compromised. Breast milk is primarily protein and fats (35-50% saturated fat) so ensure you keep up your intake of pulses, kienyeji eggs, whole milk, nuts, avocados and healthy fats. For this reason, some nutritionists advocate that you drizzle extra olive oil on your salad, stir some coconut oil into your soup, and use ghee or fresh butter in your cooking. Fats promote satiety so your baby will stay full on your  milk for longer.


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3. Practice manually expressing with your hands. Just in case you forget your breast pump or are unable to clean it accordingly, this alternative method will be a life saver.


4. Have some sanitizer and wipes with you always. You can even carry soap and a jerrycan of water if you will be going on road trips. It is important to ensure that hygiene is maintained when handling breast milk. You don’t want to spend the holidays in hospital.


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5. Keep hydrated. The amount of fluids you consume is directly related to the amount of milk you will produce. Buy a water bottle and carry it everywhere, just keep downing that water! When folks are imbibing, you can drink your sparkling water in a wine glass to reduce the pressure to join them in having a drink. Opt for fresh fruit juices, hot beverages like tea, cocoa and soup. You will be surprised how many 5 star establishments offer broth-based soups on their menu. If you start with these, you are more likely to keep up your milk supply.


I am hoping to continue on EBF until my little pencil (daughter) is six months and ready for weaning. Who has other helpful tips that will turn this into a reality? Share in the box below!


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