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10 Things you would Understand if you had Triplets

Stella Karembu, a mother of triplets, shared her hilarious insights on what only a parent of triplets will understand

  1. Everything comes in 3s

We do mean everything! Want a car seat? 3 please. Feeding chair? Dry Clothes? Pray they have them in 3 different shades! Don’t forget the amount of diapers you have to go through! Yikes!

P.S. Kill any dream of owning a convertible and say hello to your new minivan which surprisingly looks like an aeroplane with your car seats aligned in neat rows and all!

2) Everything is Magnified x3

Worried about 1 screaming child? Imagine having 3 screaming children. Don’t forget that the sleepless nights may be longer because heaven forbid they decide to sleep in shifts! This may lead to more frequent breakdowns from the mother and a robust support system is essential. However, the good times are also magnified as you now you get to discover 3 different personalities and it is oh so amazing!

3) Your house is basically a Zoo

Thanks to all your friends who are willing to help there will be a constant stream of people coming in and out. Unlike having a one child, you will need a few extra hands to maintain your sanity. Say goodbye to peace in 3..2…1!

triplets hands

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4) You are a Cow!

EBF with one child is no walk in the park, now try breastfeeding THREE children! Overwhelmed yet? The first few months are solely dedicated to all things breast. If they are not latching on you then you are definitely expressing as you day dream of that far distant memory people call sleep. Tuzo dairy farms would be impressed at your efficiency! I was able to breastfeed until the triplets were 11 months. Can someone give me an award already?!

5) You have award-winning bargaining skills

Gone are the days when you felt shy asking for a discount now you are the master of deals and everything BOGOF.  Your negotiation skills would put Koffi Annan to shame. You will learn to shop at Toi market and you never accept the first price you are offered, school fees included!  The Mama Mboga around the corner literally trembles at your sight but hey, a girl’s got to keep the costs down!

6) No becomes your favourite word

No you can’t touch them. No, seriously, why would you want to kiss my babies? No they are not identical seeing as one of them is a girl. NO! You cannot take pictures. Multiples and especially triplets are fascinating so this comes with the territory. It’s great that you are interested but please remember that the mother may literally be holding on by a thread so be friendly but try and give them their space.

7) You hear 3 different versions of a story

This is one of the fascinating things about multiples. They will go through the same experience but their take on it will be completely different. You get to enjoy all the different aspects of their personalities and you learn to deal with them as individuals.

8) You are not their sole companion

They learn to rely on each other as they get older and this gives you room as they become each others companion. Unlike single-child families, you are not their sole source of companionship. They depend on each other and have to learn to share things, their parents time included.

triplets 3

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9) You learn to prioritize and delegate

This is especially important when it comes to your nanny or in Stella’s case nannies. I had to delegate quite a few things to her help in the first few months so I could spend the energy I had on her children. I also had to learn to overlook some things around the house as my main priority was to ensure my children were safe, happy and thriving. By doing this I have been able to keep the same nannies to date.

10) T is for teamwork!

My husband and I took a parenting class that helped us prepare for the task ahead. My family also very supportive although no one has offered to have the triplets for a sleepover yet (hint!) We also read a lot of books on multiples and although nothing ever happens according to script, we felt prepared! Lastly, I joined this Facebook group where I got support from other women who are raising multiples!

The difference between multiple babies and singleton babies is just the occurrence of their birth, period. Stella’s triplets have different and distinct personalities like any other children and she likes to emphasise their differences so that they can grow up as individuals rather than a ‘label’.. the triplets? NO

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