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9 Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Dad

Father’s day is around the corner and it’s important to remember that fathers are just as important in our lives as mothers. They are known to be the ‘coolest’, the heroes, their son’s role model and the first man in their daughter’s lives.

This year give the father in your life something that shows you truly appreciate him.  Every dad is different and you can single out one special gift from this list for that special dad.


1. For the DIY Dad

This type of dad is a “jack of all trades” when it comes to repairing stuff at home, cooking, cleaning-you name it. He might have a whole bunch of tools already but why not surprise dad with his own personalised toolbox, a grill for his outdoor barbecue or even a Jamie Oliver cookbook that has a range of  healthy recipes.

Better yet you can get this portable work bench from MumsVillageShop for a dad who would like to share his love for fixing and repairing things with his son or daughter

portable work bench

  • You can also get this magic bbq set for daddy to teach the young ones how to operate the bbq grill  from a young age😊


magic bbq set


2. For the Dapper Dad

He definitely likes to keep it smooth and shiny. Therefore, a set of cuff links, sunglasses or a leather wrist watch will do the trick. Head to the best shopping outlet and grab that fine accessory set that will put a smile on his face every time he looks at his hand.


3. For the Sophisticated Dad

For the dad who takes pride in his grooming habits you ought to make him feel elegant when he steps out of the house. This father’s day, gift him with an exotic bottle of cologne to add to his collection or take it up a notch and buy him an assorted watch box where he can organise all his jewellery and accessories.

You can also get an amazing set of facial products and beard oils from MumsVillageShop to help him look his finest self at all times.

beard oil

4. For the Fit Dad

It is difficult to choose a gift for the dad who loves to golf (I mean he seems have it all). Take a 180-degrees turn and surprise dad with a treat to the spa for a massage. He has probably used his energy working out those muscles in the gym or the golf course. You are guaranteed to earn brownie points by giving him this chance to relax and unwind.

man having back massage


Alternatively, you could add a workout session with a fitness expert or a fancy water bottle for his daily fitness session.

5. The Reader Dad

This dad is known for his love for the written word. If he doesn’t have a copy yet, get him a personalised Father’s Day T-shirt.

Buy From Jumia


6. The New Dad

His life is about to take an interesting turn and he will probably be doing a lot of school, family and hospital runs in the future. We highly recommend the collapsible car compartment trunk bag. No more messy trunks in your car while grocery shopping, running errands with kids. With four total compartments, everything you need will stay put.

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7. The Tech Dad

This Father’s Day give your tech-savvy dad a gift that will make his life easier or just fun. These must-have gadgets are sure to wow him and fit the bill.

  • For the dad who leads an active lifestyle, a Fit Bit Smart Bracelet is the perfect gift.

    Buy From Jumia


  • For the Dad who is big into his music or watches movies during his days off, get him a pair of Blue tooth speakers. Buy From Jumia


8. The Adventurous Dad

Whether it’s because of work or just a love of travel – if your dad is globetrotting, adrenaline junkie and crossing time zones on a regular basis, consider these gifts that will inspire dad to keep exploring.


  • There are some scenic places that beg to be captured on camera or on video. This Digital SLR camera may be worth the buy for dad. Buy From Jumia


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9.  For Every Dad

Even the grisliest or the busiest dad needs to eat and sometimes a store-bought gift just doesn’t seem perfect for Father’s day. Pick a sunny day,  leave the fancy dining and head out to dad’s favourite outdoor spot for a classic family picnic. Or better yet whip up a hearty breakfast and serve him in bed-what a way to start the day!

family breakfast


I hope this list will encourage you to go out of your way and make Father’s day special for the dad who deserves it.


“I want to congratulate all the men out there who are working diligently to be good fathers whether they are stepfathers, or biological fathers or just spiritual fathers”. -T. D. Jakes

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Happy Father’s Day!

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