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How to Monitor your Baby’s Nourishment

How to monitor your baby's nourishment

How would you know if your baby is getting enough nourishment from milk?

Our free downloadable MumsVillage diaper record chart can serve this purpose and go a long way in providing valuable information for you and your baby’s paeditrician. There are also signs to watch out for before visiting your doctor that can help you determine whether your newborn baby is getting the nourishment he/she needs.



Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding you should track the time you begin and end each session to get a feel of how much your baby ingests with every feed. Remember to take a note of the amount(in ounces) your baby feeds. Every infant has their own needs so learn your baby’s routine and use this as a guideline to monitor diaper changes.


Remember to take note of the date and time they pee or poo respectively to show the number of diapers they wet as well as the frequency. The number of diapers your baby goes through in a day can be an indicator of whether your baby is eating enough. Babies generally produce about 6 wet diapers a day. As you go along you will notice a reoccurring pattern that will help you establish whether your baby is getting full nourishment from the constant milk feeds.


Most of all, it is important to follow your baby’s cues because your baby will let you know when he/she is hungry by fussing about and crying.You should also ensure that your baby’s weight is measured under her doctor’s supervision.


Breastfeeding can be a trying experience but worry not! We have a list of lactation experts on our Information Centre who specialise in offering breastfeeding advice, teach new mums on the best methods for breastmilk storage as well as tackle any breastfeeding problems you might be encountering.


Download MumsVillage Diaper Record to help you through this process.


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