10 Ways to Relieve Period Pain

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10 Ways to Relieve Period Pain

Period pains (cramps) arise from the contraction of the muscular walls of the uterus which is severe 2 days before the actual periods, on the onset of the periods,  and 2 days into the period. Cramps are such a bummer. They’ll wake you up at 3 am in the morning, mess your entire day not to mention the headaches, backaches, bloating and constipation among other illnesses we have to go through prior to menses. In addition, women who experience PMS have it twice as bad.

These 10 ways can help you relieve period pain and might work for PMS too.

1. Add more Vegetables in your Diet

A diet rich in vegetables and with vitamins A, C, E, B, K, and folates helps to decrease menstrual pain. They add nutrients necessary for creating new blood cells thereby preventing anemia and relieving pressure off the body. Moreover, foods rich in antioxidants such as berries and citruses should be incorporated as anti-oxidants regulate the insulin-androgen formation in the body, therefore, controlling the production of hormones, bloating and constipation.

   2. Seek Medical Help

Sometimes we don’t want to do this because we fear that our bodies might become accustomed to drugs and the pain will be unbearable in the occasion that the drugs are out of reach. The doctor will advice you on how to relieve pain monthly and the best option for you, whether family planning or prescribing pain relievers such as Ibuprofen.

  3. Hot Bottle Massage

Add hot (not scalding) water in a bottle and massage your lower abdomen with it. If it’s too hot, massage it over a t-shirt or any clothing you’re wearing. Alternatively, drink hot water. Hot water increases blood flow through the stomach area which in turn reduces the cramping.

A hot bath or shower also helps in relaxing and bringing calm to your body.

4. Ginger +Chamomile Tea

Ginger and Chamomile are soothing and warming herbs which relax cramping, relieve pain while enhancing pelvic circulation thus very effective in treating menstrual cramps. Buy some from your local store and stock up.

5. Exercise

Light walks and light exercises such as yoga have a very positive effect of relieving menstrual pain. Exercise releases endorphins which are responsible for reducing the brain’s perception of pain as well as triggering a positive feeling in the body.

6. Yoga

Focus on yoga poses that stretch your pelvic and hip joints as well as stretching the abdomen and easing the lower back.

Cramps are as a result of oxygen deprivation by contracting uterine muscles in blood vessels in the naval and pelvic area. Simple exercises that focus on the pelvis while requiring little exertion will help bring relief to the body.

7.Lay off Coffee

Caffeine increases anxiety worsens menstrual cramps ass well as causing sleep difficulties and depressing moods. Menses comes with severe mood swings at times and the effect of caffeine is not needed or necessary.  Simply make tea or hot chocolate as a soothing alternative with less harsh effects.

8. Eat More Bananas


Eat anything that has a lot of potassium content.  The high potassium content helps in easing pain and cramping. Eat your bananas whole or in a smoothie when you are having muscle spasms or cramps.

9 Soft Massage and Aromatherapy

The trick to relieve cramps is to enhance blood flow. Soft massages on the naval and pelvic area also bring quick relief. In addition, the scent is an underrated mood enhancer and also helps you relax and bring some calmness to your surrounding. Use your favourite essential oils, diffuser or candles to work the trick.

10. Rest

Whatever needs to be done will be done tomorrow or next week. We all know how impossible the pain can be, especially when you have to roll over and your tummy is hot to touch. Get some rest.


Try some of these tips next time your cramps get the best of you and tell us what works for you.

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