The 5 Pregnancy and Baby Apps You Should Download

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Pregnancy and Baby Apps You Should Download

When choosing Pregnancy and Baby apps, it’s best to choose apps that give you immense value. For example when it comes to baby apps, educational apps and entertainment apps are more suitable as babies from age 0 to 5 are exploring, discovering, asking questions, looking for answers, and also experimenting.

Choose pregnancy apps that allow you to personalise your experience while equiping you with knowledge and information on the pregnancy journey. Information ranging from week by week mother and child development, pregnancy symptoms and tracking diet and prenatal vitamins intake are great.

For kids, choose apps with no ads, high educational value, with a user friendly interface and easy operation, and child friendly themes. Education apps help kids to learn basic math’s concepts such as subtraction and addition, shapes and figures, uppercase and lowercase letters and time.

1. WebMD Pregnancy App

Pregnancy Apps

WebMD pregnancy , apart from being a gold mine of great health articles and resources have a pregnancy app.  A great feature with this pregnancy app is the Belly bump which allows you to save weekly photos of your baby bump. It also has spot to journal your pregnancy journey and memories and tells you what to expect on a weekly basis in terms of body changes.

2.My Fitness Pal Pregnancy App


My Fitness Pal pregnancy app is a lifesaver in case you are worried about gaining too much weight during pregnancy. My Fitness Pal pregnancy app will help you keep fit and plan meals and healthy food choices broken down into breakfast, lunch, dinner and the calories per serving.

What’s more their cardio exercise is a must follow on this app!

3. Music for Pregnancy App

Equip your baby with great musical taste while still in the womb! Talking and singing to your baby creates a bond with him/her. The music in Music for Pregnancy app is partitioned to suit;

  • Pleasant Relaxation
  • Enjoyable Walks,
  • Meditation and Breathing
  • And a free play list for Iphone Users. Other play lists with about 9 songs can be unlocked for $2.99.

4. Kintoons Nursery Rhyme DJ Pad Baby App

Cover art

This baby app is a colourful, fun, safe app with a user friendly interface for kids.  Your children will love the ice-cream eating duck, the singing, the music and a flying turtle with a jet-pack. What’s more, Kintoons Nursery Rhyme can also be found on Youtube.

The music and the characters will bring out the creativity and imagination in your child.

5. Itsy Bitsy Spider Baby App

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Your baby doesn’t have to miss nursery rhymes any more. Download this app on play store for animated music along with its lyrics. This baby app is great for kids in the 1 to 5 years age bracket and is a great pregnancy and baby app to have.

6.Pregnancy Week By Week

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With this pregnancy app you can monitor your baby’s week by week growth,track your weight,  make notes with your pregnancy symptoms (changes with your body, morning sickness, and doctor’s appointment),  calculate your current week of pregnancy and your due date. Want to know what your body is going through week by week and track the amount of baby kicks in a given time? This is the app.

7.First Time Pregnancy App

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Being a first time mom can be intimidating considering the amount of knowledge you have to know in 9 months about your baby and child. It makes pregnancy less intimidating by showing you week by week your baby’s growth.

Monitor your child’s development with this app.

8. Baby Centre Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Development App

Baby Centre is a highly interactive app with an open anonymous chat 24/7 where other moms can answer your questions too based on their experiences.The chats are set to match or group women within the same stages of pregnancy to accommodate relevancy and create an environment of women going through the same emotions.It also breaks down pregnancy development week by week with articles being curated to suit which ever stage you are in.

Baby center has a birth announcement page where you can see all the births in one spot which is pretty amazing to know mums walking the same journey and your child’s twin!

9. Tiny Beans Family Album, Baby Book and Photo Journal

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If you hate social media but love documenting, this app allows you to save your child’s photos. It’s the best app to save memories and send them to family and friends who live away.

10. I’m Pregnant Pregnancy Tracker

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This is a comprehensive pregnancy app with a pregnancy tracker, week by week pregnancy guide and pregnancy information and pregnancy forum. In this app, you can monitor your health in terms of recording medications and prenatal vitamins, write personal notes and get information to relieve pregnancy symptoms.


With all these options, you are set with help and resources to kickstart your pregnancy journey. Which app among these or any other app worked for you? Let us know in the comments!


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