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12 Places to Buy your Baby or Toddler’s First Shoes

Welcome to the new world of running after your child!

Your baby has started taking their first steps and this has made all the sleepless nights, mum-guilt, and vaccination days seem not so awful after all. Since your baby has started being mobile its time they got some suitable shoes to keep them comfortable(and you might be thinking of baby-proofing).

We have rounded up some places around Nairobi you can find the best shoes for your child, from the first walkers to the experienced runners.


Second Hand Clothes

It is very easy to find great and new clothes at second hand stalls so long as you put attention to details, have a great eye, how to bargain and the mental resilience to navigate crowd places. Make sure that they’re made with breathable material such as leather or cotton and not plastic


  1. Kamukunji

There is no particular stall that I would recommend, but stalls are lined up. Shoes to find include slip-ons, MaryJanes, Kid sneakers, slip on shoes, strapped sandals or little tiny boots and many others. It’s advisable to visit many stalls for a price and quality comparison


  1. Muthurwa Market

Here you’ll find great sneakers, tiny slippers, slip-ons and great socks to accompany the shoes. In addition you may also find other inner wears for your infant such as vests.

Tip: If you are not a fan of crowd, you need to prepare yourself beforehand. It is also advisable to wear casual clothes that won’t attract a hike in prices from the sellers. After all, you are going to have to bargain your way out of all the items you are buying.  It can also get quite muddy when it rains, you should arm yourself with boots or disposable shoes.


  1. Toi Market

Toi market shopping is a bit more expensive compared to other second hand markets. Their items are also more quality and it’s possible to find new items as well.

Shoes that can be found here are; Slip-ons, MaryJanes, tiny moccassins, and walking sneakers secured with laces.

Tip: Wear casual clothes or less expensive clothes to avoid inflating the prices. Traders can inflate the prices by judging you based on how you’re dressed.


First Hand or Boutique Clothes

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes to style a baby outfit here are shops you can try. Otherwise if your baby is learning how to walk, it is advisable to learn when bare foot so as to strengthen calf muscles, foot hold and stability.


  1. Cuddly Hugs Kenya

This is an online shop that offers free delivery within CBD and sells baby items including shoes at affordable prices.

Visit them here to see their selection or WhatsApp/Call 0726830804 to inquire.


  1. Doodles Kids Closet

Located in South C, they sell a wide variety of new and quality shoes such as Canvas, MaryJanes, Sequins, Laced Sneakers, Antibe Sandals among others. They have a great selection of shoes for infants and children aged 0 to 10 years.

Visit them here.


  1. Deacon Kids: Thika Road Mall

Deacon Kids has shoes for ages 0 to 16 years. Deacons, however, is not an online shop but you have to physically go, select and shop. It is a great shop for mums who live along Thika Road.


  1. Pirma Baby Shop

Pirma is an online shop that sells baby items baby clothes, Shoes and products for expectant mothers.

Visit them here to see what they have.


  1. The Boy’s Store

This store is designed to cater for boys’ needs so this store is a great place to look for your son’s shoes.

If you have been looking for mini- crocs for your child; this is a store to start.

Visit them here.


  1. City Walk Kenya

They are an online store as well as a physical store and sell new, stylish, quality and diverse shoes for children and infants. From Giraud boots, dress shoes, sport shoes and half boots, there is always an item for your child.

Visit them here.


  1. Killimall Kenya

Killimall has the cutest and wide selection of baby shoes that you can choose from in beautiful and peaceful shades of blue, pink, nude, beige and grays.

Here you’ll find:

  • Crochet booties
  • Leather pre-walkers.
  • Non- slip walking shoes.
  • Sandal boy kids and many more

Visit them here.


11. Funky Kids_Shoes

They are mainly on Instagram and specialise in trendy shoes from first baby walkers to cute shoes for your tween. You are guaranteed to find ballet flats, wedding shoes, sneakers and boots. Their prices range between Kshs 1,500-2,000.

Visit their page here.

12. Jumia Kenya

There is nothing you can’t find on Jumia. Especially this newborn soft sole pair of shoes for your little baby boy. They also have cartoon themed shoes, anti-slip sneakers and anti-skid sneakers.



If you are looking for a Christmas gift for your child, these shops and stores offer a great basis of where to start shopping. Where else have you tried and would like to recommend to a fellow parent? Share in the comments below


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