How to Get The Most out of Your Parent Teacher Meeting

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How to Get The Most out of Your Parent Teacher Meeting

Parents and teachers are a team and both parties see sides of the students  that neither party sees at home or school. It is thus important to make sure both parties get the most out of the parent teacher meeting so that to better serve and help the kids. Here are different approaches that you can apply as a parent or even as a teacher to make the most out of the meeting.

Have a Positive Mindset

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Have a solution mindset and think about what you want to achieve from the meeting. A right mindset will set the pace towards a productive meeting where your child benefits. Encourage the teacher to talk to you on any concerns she may have about your child.

Set The Tone for the Conversation.

Make the conversation about ‘We’ as opposed to ‘you’ otherwise you might come off as interrogatory. Always remember that both parties want the best  for the child so have a co-operative tone and mindset.

Accept That Your Child Is At Fault.

There are times you’ll be called in because your child is being difficult or having a difficult phase. Ask your child questions and get them to expand their answers. Be careful about throwing your child under the bus too as teachers might pick up on this.

Dress Accordingly

Obviously how we dress affects the seriousness with which people view us. Dress for success. Dress to ascertain confidence and credibility and build a productive relationship with the teacher to aid your child’s performance in the classroom.

Ask The Teacher for Feedback

At times, certain questions may insinuate that the teacher has seen certain behaviors from your child. In the spirit of exhausting all questions and being up to par with your child’s life, ask for clarification. Always have questions of your own with regards to the meeting session and any other concerns your child might have raised with you.

Set Time for The Meeting 

Don’t be the late parent. Arrive on time and clear your schedule two weeks prior to the meeting.

Be timely with your questions. It is important to be ready for the meeting and if possible, ask the teacher before on the nature of the meeting. You don’t want to be caught off-guard and this will bring to light areas in your child’s life you’ve been missing.

If the meeting is over but you feel the urge to continue, schedule another meeting and make sure to follow up and set an exact date. Don’t try to grab 10 minutes of the teachers time but schedule for another parent-teacher meeting.

You can also,

  • Compare notes with the teacher. You are both key players in this child’s life thus help the teacher understand their strong points and weak points.
  • Ask the teacher about child to child or peer to peer interactions at school.
  • Ask the teacher for tips to set the right school mindset at home.

Overall as a parent it is important to ask for their report card every  Friday or their diary if the school has provided one  to check their progress. Report cards and diary will tell you how they are doing their homework, what they are achieving and where they are coming short. This will enable you to give adequate feedback to your child’s teacher during the parent teacher meetings.

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