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What you Need to Survive Flying Alone With Kids

Having it easy while flying alone with kids requires a lot of planning, researching and crossing the fingers that they’ll put up their best behaviour on that day. Here’s what you need while flying solo with kids:

Well-behaved kids

How you raise your children will impact how they behave in public as well as private settings. Teach your kids to effectively communicate their needs, grievances and opinions without throwing tantrums, crying and nagging or making a mess out of themselves.

Well behaved children equals less time while handling luggage, getting through the gate and in case you need to connect flights.

However even the most behaved child can turn out to be a nightmare while flying so  be prepared.

Know your Travel Details

Have all the information at hand; boarding time, connecting time, gates and all that’s necessary when flying. This ensures that you keep time and be there early in case you have to quell a temper tantrum or save a poop situation.

Carry the Baby Stroller/Ergo/Backpack

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Strollers fly free and what’s more you can use them as luggage carriers. Don’t make your toddler walk as they are likely to be more fussier. What’s more, they are an easy mode of transport from one point to another and saves a lot of time especially if you are flying alone. If your toddler want to walk, use it as a luggage carrier.

Know thy Self

You know what triggers you. Prepare yourself for it and act/react accordingly. Whatever happens, find your zen and focus on the positives, it could have been worse. You are flying alone with little humans depending on you, prepare well and pack adequately.

If washroom needs trigger you because of time factors, carry a lot of diapers  for the newborn and the toddlers too to avoid poop situation. You can even double-diaper your child if there are more prone to poop explosions.

Flying alone? Ask for Help.

Sometimes it get’s overwhelming and there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. If they say no, you lose nothing. At least you asked.

What to Pack

Hand sanitizers, diapers, changes of clothes ,snacks and candies to nip any tantrum at the beginning before it explodes. Books, art supplies, crayons and plasticine to keep them busy during flight time, an extra T-shirt and scarf as an option as toddlers can mess your clothes with food and a tablet for games and entertainment.

Temper Tantrums?

We have all been the mom whose kid won’t calm down and have been looked down at or one thing or the other. Give yourself and people the benefit of the doubt. They have been there too, either with their kids or their nephews or nieces.

If they haven’t and think that their children will be more well behaved, life will  teach them otherwise and in all fairness, you probably thought your kids will be more well behaved too.

Bottom line, there is nothing much you can do apart from what you are already doing to quell the tantrum. Flying alone with kids is not easy. The dirty looks, sneers and tired looks are none of your business, a really concerned and kind person will offer help, not sneers.


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