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Discover The Village: Postpartum Recovery

As a new mum, it’s easy to get carried away by your bundle of joy and forget to take care of yourself. You need to remember your body went through trauma, requires extra care and the recovery process though painful, is essential.


Over the years, we have written a lot on birth and recovery stories to help mums in their postpartum journey. Here are the stories you might have missed.


Birth Stories

1.My First Childbirth Felt Like Assault!

Childbirth can get to a point of emotional and physical assault when a woman is stripped off, of the right to informed consent. Have you ever been robbed of your right to make a choice for your unborn baby?


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2.6 Birth Truths I wish I had Known Before Giving Birth

Some birth truths, things I wish I had been told about becoming a mum and things every mother-to-be needs to know about the life they will have.


Stay at home


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3. Real Mum Birth Story with Kajuju Ngara

Everyone’s birth experience is unique and different. Kajuju, shares her birth experience and what made it easy for her transition to motherhood.


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4. I almost Died During Childbirth

Giving birth is not rainbows and butterflies, it can be nerve wrecking. Maryanne shares a Nairobi Mum’s trying experience during child birth.


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5. Ask a Mum: What Is It Like To Have a Home Birth?

What is it like to have a home birth? Nike Kondakis, International Fashion Designer residing in Nairobi, shares her story.


Vaginal Birth


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6. Real Mum Judy Wanderi’s Birth Story in Nyeri 

Judy Wanderi bares all in this first-person account of her childbirth in Nyeri.

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7. This is What Happens To Your Body After Vaginal Birth

Giving birth causes a lot of physical changes to a woman’s body. Whereas every birth has its own recovery, this is what happens after a vaginal birth.

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8. This is What Happens To Your Body After a C-Section

Your body will change after giving birth, there is no question about it. When it comes to a Caesarean birth, here’s how it affects your body.

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Caesarean Section


Postpartum  Recovery Stories

9.10 Celebrities Open Up About Battling Postpartum Depression

Even the happiest, richest and most famous Hollywood mums have suffered from Postpartum Depression. These 10 strong women overcame postpartum depression and lived to share and educate others about it.

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10.MumsVillage Show Episode 4: Postpartum Depression

Catch the MumsVillage Show Episode 4 as they delve into Postpartum depression and the effects it can have on a new mum.

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support/friends without kids


11.Mother’s Day Tribute: Chemutai Sage-  My Mum Supported Through Postpartum Depression

Singer Chemutai Sage Kenya shares her experience with Postpartum depression on the MumsVillage Show.

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12. Postpartum Depression: Precious Motherhood Moments

What is it like bringing up a newborn when you have postpartum depression? Samoina shares the silver lining of her journey.

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