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5 Breastfeeding Positions For Every Mum

These breastfeeding positions allow you to breastfeed comfortably, are excellent for newborns and pain free for mums who have gone through Cesarean section. As a new mum, it’s essential to arm yourself with breastfeeding confidence so as to ensure that your baby gets the food and supplements they need in a way that’s safe for them and comfortable for you.

Choose the breastfeeding position that most applies to you, then alter it in a way that feels comfy for you and the baby.


The Football Hold Position

The football hold is an excellent position if the baby had trouble latching or if you’re just healing from a c-section wound. It prevents the baby from lying on the incision thus impeding healing.

In the football hold, sit in a comfortable seat, wedge pillows under your arm while placing your feet on a footstool. Position your arm under his torso so that his feet are between your arm and your side.

Use your left arm if you’re feeding from the left breast and the right arm if you’re feeding from the left breast. Tuck the baby under your armpit and encourage him to latch.

The Cradle Hold Position

This is the best breastfeeding position for newborns and new mums. A breastfeeding pillow can be used or a mum can use her arms. In this breastfeeding position, the baby is on his side facing your chest, with his head resting on the upper arm.

 Your forearm supports his back and your breast faces the baby’s face.

In addition, you can place your feet on a footstool for a more comfortable breastfeeding experience.

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Lying Down Position

This breastfeeding position is very restful for a mum and is frequently used at night. In this breastfeeding position, a mother and her child face each other.

Again, if you’re using the right breast, lie on the right side and if you’re using the left side, lie on the left. Place a pillow under your head, between your knees and under your body for maximum support.

Support the baby’s back with a pillow to snug him against you and prompt him to latch.

Lying Back Position

This breastfeeding position is particularly important for mums with a lot of letdown or babies with reflux. It’s also referred to as biological nurturing and is great because it gives the baby control over your milk letdown thus preventing reflux.

Lying down, prop your back with pillows so that you’re slightly inclined, lay the baby on your chest and prompt him to latch.

Breastfeeding While In Public

While breastfeeding in public has been met with a lot of opposition, sometimes the baby needs to feed. He or she doesn’t recognize the need for privacy. While some mums carry shawls, blankets and lesos, here’s what you can do for easier breastfeeding:

If you’re in a public facility or a restaurant, find a quiet comfortable place or ask the waitress if they have a private place or breastfeeding zones.

Hold the baby in a football or cradle hold and spread a blanket over your shoulder to cover yourself and the baby. 

Prompt the baby to latch and begin feeding and burp the baby after feeding.


Which breastfeeding position worked best for you or is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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