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Baby and Feeding Checklist: What You Really Need

If you are pregnant, you might have already started shopping for your little one, or doing some research between all the choices that are in the market and what your baby really needs. You’ve figured out that the baby needs to feed, bathe, sleep go out and of course poop :). Which narrows down the essentials at least in the first months to feeding, weaning and diapering.


Feeding: What You Really Need

There are too many breast pump options coupled with the fact there is an electric breast pump as well as a manual breast pump. Choose a breast pump that works for you and tailored to your needs. For mums who are soon going back to work, a manual breast pump is more suitable as there are no sounds when pumping and thus can be used at work. For mums having some trouble breastfeeding an electric breast pump is more suitable as it stimulates milk flow by imitating a baby’s sucking action. Lightweight and portable pumps are more suitable for mums who are likely to be travelling a lot. Whichever option you go with, get a breast pump. >>>Buy Now


Although breast pumps come with about 2 milk storage bottles, they are not enough for mums that are blessed with milk and also in terms of hygiene, bottles should be used interchangeably. Having about 4 bottles makes sure that you have enough bottles for storage in case you need to carry some for the baby. In addition to this, look for bottles that reduce the amount of air can take and try out different teats. A good bottle and teat combination will give you an easy time bottle feeding formula or expressed milk. >>> Buy Now 




Breastfeeding will impact the types of clothes you choose to wear and how comfortable the experience will be for you and your baby. Invest in some nursing bras, singlet tops with inbuilt bra shelves, tops that roll up but keep you covered or a good shawl. Or these will make a difference between a happy baby and a fussy baby and make breastfeeding a better experience. >> Buy Now


Milk leakage can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, to say the least. Buy some disposable breast pads that you can always have in the baby’s bag or your handbag. Nursing pads come with adhesive pads that hold them in place and prevent any bra slip-ups. >>> Buy Now



To prevent sensitivity and dryness that can lead to cracked nipples, buy nipple cream and speak to your doctor if you think it can harm the baby. He/she will advise you on the best nipple creams and the intervals to use it to ensure a pain-free nursing experience. Another tip would be to ask fellow mums the nipple creams that have worked for them and see if it works for you. >>> Buy Now


Weaning: What You Really Need

When your baby is weaning, they most likely want to feed themselves as they are growing a bit independent and trying to lean away from you. A simple Momeasy bowl will give them that touch of independence and make feeding a lot easier. It has bright colours that keep the baby’s attention and comes with a soft tip spoon and a lead to prevent spillage and messes. >>>Buy Now





Soft tip coloured spoons are a great choice as your baby transitions to weaning. They are soft on gums and have long handles that the baby can hold at different angles. Choose bright coloured spoons that hold the baby’s attention.>>>Buy Now


These include no-slip bowls, ziplock freezer bags, plastic containers and any other storage method that works for you, so long as it is sterilisable. Storage pieces of equipment make feeding a somewhat seamless process and give it a bit of structure. Which is want every mum needs.>>>Buy Now


Choose a high chair that has no fabric involved and one which your child can’t topple over. Take into consideration that your child will be using this chair for 3 years so invest in a quality high chair. Another thing to factor in is the height of your dining table and whether the chair has a detachable tray.


It can feel incredibly overwhelming not knowing the right meal choices for your baby or struggling when they start refusing to eat. That’s where this course comes in handy and acts as a guide; Zydii Africa will take you through best breastfeeding practices, preparing expressed milk when going back to work and most importantly how to instill good feeding practices for your baby as they grow older.

What other items did you find yourself in need of that’s not included here and why? Let us know in the comments.


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