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Foster Care and Adoption:4 Adoption Agencies in Kenya

The topic on adoption has been on the rise in Kenya, with many people inquiring on how to go about it or if MumsVillage is an adoption agency. While we are not an adoption agency, we’re interested in the wellbeing of children and families. Adoption offers a child what the parents are not in a position to grant them and this can be emotional, physical and psychological support as well as basic needs.

Uwakili, a Nairobi law firm guides parents on The Process of Adoption in Kenya as an adoptive parent, an adoptive child and the overall process.

In order for you to adopt a child or give a child up for adoption, the law has to be followed to protect the child and ensure that they are placed in a well-intended loving family. Here are 6 registered adoption agencies to contact if you’re considering adoption.



 1. Buckner: Hope Shines Here

Website: Click here.

Buckner is a  Christ centred organization dedicated to restoring lives and providing hope and transforming the lives of children through Christ centred values. They also provide safe and loving homes through foster care and adoption to vulnerable children in need of family, hope and restoration. They provide foster care services in Nairobi, Busia, and Kitale. To read more about their Kenya program, click here. 



2. Little Angels Network

Location: Wood Avenue -Kindaruma Road Junction, off Ngong Road
Website: Click here.
Little Angels Network caters to children between 1 to 3 years who have been abused or abandoned due to HIV & AIDS. Their website lists two hotlines to use when reporting gender-based violence or in case one needs to report violence during elections. These are 1195 or 116. The network facilitates the provision of quality life by promoting local and international adoption. 




3. KKPI (Kenyan’s to Kenyan’s Peace Initiative) Adoption Society

Location: Kogo Star Plaza, Upper Ground Floor Room 14, off Mai Mahiu Road
Contact: +254 725 475 208
Website: Click here

KKPI’s aims to integrate orphaned and abandoned children into loving families where they can receive love, protection, grow into responsible adults and members of society.



4. New Life Home Trust

Location: Nakuru, Kisumu, Nyeri and Nairobi.
Contact:, +254 722 406 064
Website: Click here.

New Life Home Trust exists to:

  • RESCUE abandoned and other extremely vulnerable babies (0-6 months old);
  • Give high standards of CARE to the children in our Homes (spiritual, emotional, educational, physical, medical and social);
  • PLACE the children into loving family situations (biological family reintegration, adoption or foster care).


All the adoption agencies above are registered and promise to offer help and advice to parents thinking about adoption. Have you adopted before and which registered agency did you use? We’d love to know the agency as well as the experience so that we can update our list and interact with you.


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