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5 Friends Every New Mum Needs When They Get Back To Work

Returning back to work can be soul-crushing regardless of the length of your maternity leave. You are scared about leaving the baby at home and stressed on how you’re going to juggle work, being a new mum to a baby who depends on you for everything and stepping into the new parenting role.


If you haven’t already gotten back to work but the days are becoming lesser and lesser, don’t dread work. Start preparing yourself adequately by putting the right precautions such as starting the baby on bottle feeding and arming yourself with a mum tribe.


That’s right. Finding a supportive group of mums who have been there, new mums, friends or online support groups will help you have an easier journey. In addition, you will have someone to answer all your new mum questions!


If you are a new mum, here are the 5 friends you need to have when the maternity leave is over.


  1. A Trusted Neighbour

Have at least one neighbour friend who can look after your child when you need to run errands or check up on your nanny when you’re away. If the friend also has children of their own, it’s an added bonus as your babies can become friends, you can share parenting advice and support each other where the need arises.


  1. A Supportive Colleague

There are days when you will have to stay home or work from home because your child is unwell or because the nanny could not make it that day. You need a supportive colleague who will understand why you were late and could not make in time.


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You may find yourself drifting towards colleagues with little ones as well as you bond over playdates, milestones, parenting advice and the most hilarious things your children did.


  1. A Shop Savvy Mum

This mum knows where to get the best baby products and clothes at the best prices. She knows where to get supplements, best baby hospitals and all baby deals out there.


  1. An Experienced Mum

She has been there and is well informed on how to handle any new mum situation. As a new mum, there are many new things that you will discover about your baby and yourself. Having an experienced mum as a friend will help you navigate the new things and prepare yourself beforehand.


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She can also advise you on how to deal with baby diseases, which supplements to take as a mum and the hospitals in which you can take your little one for vaccination.


  1. Playdates Mum

This mum has a child of her own, she is fun, hosts playdates and knows every other child around your child ages. She knows their birthdays, their milestones and she might have paid your child a visit too.




Make friends with her and allow your child to benefit from hers and your social skills, meet other little friends and get his/her social life off for a great start.


Obviously, friendships have to be made organically as possible without appearing to force bonds or playdates. However, the only way to make one is to put yourself out there so say hi to your neighbour and the new mum in the waiting room next time you go for the baby clinic.



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