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Real Mum Interview : Naomi’s next project

1. Which 3 things would you like the MumsVillage audience to know about you?

  • I am 26 years old
  • I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • I love motherhood and babies, and I hope to have at least 4

2. What is your occupation?

I am an entrepreneur, founder and Executive Director of a creative and digital agency called Nuvo creations. As well as co-owner of an online female clothing store.

We like Numbers

1. How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

One daughter aged 6.

Naomi and daughter

2. How many diapers do you think you’ve changed?

800 +

3. How many selfies do you take in a week?


4. How many videos of your kids do you take in a week?

About 1-2 videos every day.

Now on to Other Fun Questions

1. How did becoming a Mum change your personality?

My personality has not changed much. I am pretty much the same fun loving person and I enjoy the same hobbies as I did before. However I have learnt (and I am still learning) to be more patient, forgiving, empathetic and nurturing.

3. How do you play (or try to ) with your kids?

We play board games in the evening after our family worship session. Games like puzzles, scrabble, snakes and ladders, block building and Ludo. We also get to play outside during the weekend- catch, hide and seek, bouncing castles and swimming.

Naomi and daughter

4. What was the most memorable thing about being a new Mother in Nairobi?

All the love I received from family and friends

5. What do you think is the most inaccurate thing about how movies portray childbirth?

They hide the intense PAIN!!!

6. Share something your child has recently done or said to make you laugh?

My daughter cannot wait to get siblings. Every day she practices with her dolls how she will carry her younger brother and sister, feed them and read to them. She keeps checking with me if she is holding them in the right position.

7. How did you choose your kid’s name and what does it mean?

The name Kimora is from the Fashion entrepreneur Kimora Lee Simmons, who I admire. Her middle name Esther is from my Great-grandmother.

Share your tips with others

1. What are the top 3 kids places for fun in your neighbourhood?

Her grandparents’ house – it has a big compound; Fun Zone 100 in Garden Estate; New Muthaiga Shopping Mall.

2. Which activities do you regularly engage in for recreation with your family?

Swimming; Lunches at restaurants; Visits to the Mall; Baking; Bible study.

Your Nostalgia of the Past and Hopes for the Future

1. In what way do you hope the workplace will be different for your kids?

Flexi-time, so that they do not have to battle with traffic early in the morning and in the evening; Working from home; Lower tax rates; Baby friendly (breastfeeding friendly) areas at the office

2. Do you think your job will exist when your child is your age?

Yes it will. There will always be a need for a marketing and branding creative design agency.

3. What is the one thing you never had that you want for your kids?

A savings account.

4. What is the one thing or experience you wish your child could have from your childhood that they can’t?

Public transport.

5. What is one thing you miss about your life before your kids?

Being able to make evening plans on weekdays.

6. What is the most annoying interview question you’ve been asked that you’re glad we didn’t?

Why did you have a child?

Naomi Shako

7. In what ways is your parenting style similar to your Mother? In what ways is it different?

My parenting style is very relaxed. It is not authoritarian. I try to be very nurturing and loving but not lenient. My daughter is like my best friend. However, discipline from an early age is important. My mother taught by example, and I hope to do the same.

That’s all!

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