Real Mum Interview : Supermama Chidi Udogwu

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Real Mum Interview : Supermama Chidi Udogwu

MumsVillage had the opportunity to interview Chidi Udogwu, Mother of 4 sons two of which are twins.

What do you enjoy most about having twins?

There is NEVER a dull moment. It’s fun for everyone!They have their own little personalities. As a mum it’s awesome to watch them interact with each other: like they have little secrets shared only between them! It is just lovely seeing these two human beings growing and knowing that I contributed in helping God make them!(thumbs up to me!)

What is the difference between raising multiples as opposed to singles?

Where do I even begin? Well EVERYTHING is in doubles! Nappies, wipes, socks, bibs, onesies..! always seems like there has been an explosion in your house!

And before you get them into a routine, they each have different waking up hours.

It’s like a conveyor belt – one breastfeeds and immediately after, the other is hungry. By the time the second one has burped and had a nappy changed, the first is hungry again! Trust me it seems never ending!

And who can forget the famous “Are they twins?” question!!!! You never get that with a singleton!

What advice would you give to new multiple parents?

BREATHE!!!!! But seriously, I would say keep calm, you’re having twins! It may seem overwhelming at times but it will get easier as they grow. You won’t even realize when things begin to change and routines start checking in, it all seems alot! Hang in there! Dear parents, before I forget, accept help whenever it is offered to you.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT feel like you have super powers.

Allow friends to help you. It could be giving the kids a milk bottle, a nappy change or just take the munchkins for a walk. Remember, they need you to be as sane as possible to take care of them. BREATHE!

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