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Dads are Different : Interview with David Oletetu

General shift in technology and society has made today’s dads different from their own parents. Dads are becoming more hands-on and interactive with their children in their day-to-day activities. MumsVillage had the honour of interviewing David Oletetu-an outstanding father of four daughters.

What would you like the MumsVillage audience to know about you?

What do you enjoy most about being a dad?

I love cooking for my wife and children and if I had my way I would have been a chef. We use this time to bond as a family. I particularly like seeing my kids in the kitchen helping out and learning a few tips.

How do you juggle your marriage and fatherhood?

We work on it everyday! I believe in a household there is nothing like ‘a woman’s task’ and ‘a man’s task’. For that reason we share daily chores such as cooking and supervising the kids’ homework.

How did Fatherhood change you?

Being a father is a different environment and a lot can change in that space of time. I have come to realise that I am more responsible and driven. I also keep a specific group of friends who can relate with me on the same level. Importantly, I have built a solid spiritual foundation as a Christian ever since I became a father.

What experiences has fatherhood taught you?

How do you approach discipline(What type of father are you)?

What type of dad am I? I will let you decide.

What advice would you give to new dads?

Most importantly they should know that fatherhood is not anything close to easy. You will have to work at it everyday. I believe if you love someone, stick to them be it your spouse or your partner. Be consistent! Also, take the time and effort to understand your partner and iron out any grievances. Lastly, stay in your religious beliefs.

What do you deem to be the most child-friendly establishments in Nairobi?

I would say the Nairobi National Park, Nakumatt Prestige and Junction mall. However as a non-alcoholic, I try to avoid establishments and exhibitions that sell alcohol when I am around my children.

What recreational activities do you enjoy?

Tell us about Real Dads Cook event on Father’s Day? What inspired it?

First, this year will be the second edition of Real Dads Cook event. I love cooking and I must say the best cuisines are made by men. So I thought why not bring it closer to the men who spend most of their time in the offices and don’t really have a chance to explore their hidden talent.

This year we expect some celebrity dads, new dads, CEO’s, good food and music. It will also comprise of numerous family activities for kids and parents, dads cooking competition and celebrating the amazing fathers in our lives. Don’t miss out!!..Also, watch out for Real Dads Cook TV show coming soon.

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