Postpartum Care for New Mums: Health and Family Planning

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Postpartum Care for New Mums: Health and Family Planning

Sometime back, MumsVillage had the opportunity to host an interactive WhatsApp chat on newborn care and development. Our Guest expert,  Dr Kelvin Kinuthia answered questions on postpartum care for new mums which answers we have compiled below.  Dr Kelvin Kinuthia is a consultant Obstetrician based in Magharibi specialists clinic. He has special interests in family planning, minimally invasive surgery, antenatal and postnatal care.


How soon does one start using family planning after childbirth via cs?

One starts using family planning 6 weeks after delivery. There are some methods such as tubal ligation and IUCD that can be performed during the Caesarean section.


Which are the best family planning methods while breastfeeding?

Any method that does not have estrogen. Therefore, you can use IUCD(coil), Mirena, progesterone pills, DEPO injection and Jadelle/Implanon.


How do I deal with postpartum depression?

Postpartum depression requires a multidisciplinary team involving the patient (and her support system), the obstetrician, the psychiatrist and a psychologist.


Is it possible that postpartum challenges may begin even before the baby is born?

Yes. A difficult environment prior to delivery will have a negative impact on the postpartum period.


What can one use to help with constipation after birth?

Lots of fibre in the diet. If that doesn’t work, see your obstetrician for medication.


Sometimes I go to the washroom and blood pours out. Is that normal? It’s not like periods?

This is normal immediately after birth but should have reduced by the end of the first week.


What should one use to prevent heartburn while paged?

Avoid spicy foods and any meal that triggers heartburn. If it persists, you’ll need medication.


How will one be helped if the baby is in breech condition?

Most babies are in breach during the first two trimesters. If your baby is breech past 38 weeks, your obstetrician will recommend a CS. In some countries (e.g. UK) they may attempt to turn the baby or to deliver the baby in the breech.


How do I know I am depressed after birth? What are the major indicators?

The main signs of depression after delivery include, but are not limited to, mood changes, crying, irritability, not wanting to hold the baby, poor feeding and insomnia.


How do I get a support team to support me when I get postpartum depression? Some could run away and leave me with a nanny who might also disappear without notice.

Postpartum depression requires an ‘all hands on deck’ kind of support. That means getting support from all family or friends willing to be there for you while also seeing your psychiatrist and obstetrician for any medication and psychotherapy.


How does one avoid UTIs when pregnant?

Take lots of fluids and urinate as often as you can. Sometimes, despite taking care of yourself, one can still get recurrent UTIs.


How do I handle a pregnancy at 4months after a cesarean?
It is possible to carry your pregnancy to the end. You need to start seeing your Obstetrician earliest possible.


What happens when you deliver normally maybe with some stitches but later realize you have some behaviors like as u sit/ walking you release air like you are farting. How can you go about it? Or a minor surgery is needed for that matter?

That may require surgery as it may be due to tears or weaknesses in the vagina and anus.


What can I do to optimize my health to reduce the risks of complications during birth?

A balanced diet, get enough sleep, Avoid strenuous activity, maintain general and oral hygiene and have regular antenatal clinics. Don’t forget to do something you enjoy, like read a book, walk, exercise meditate.

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