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How to Create your Perfect Baby Room

baby room

Baby Room Decoration Fun.

Designing an attractive, organized baby room or nursery is arguably the most fun task you will tackle in preparation for your baby’s arrival. The natural ‘nesting’ phase pregnant women go through in their third trimester boosts her energy and desire to create a perfect haven for the baby.

The Basics

You will need a large crib, and chest of drawers. These can be purchased from baby shops, or made to your specifications by a carpenter, or even hand-me-downs from friends whose babies have grown. Once you have chosen your colour scheme, look for fitted sheets and covers in those shades, and try to co-ordinate everything in the room with your three major colours. Duvets are easier to clean and trap less dust and fewer allergens than blankets.

Choose a mosquito net in a bright colour to match  your chosen scheme. It could be yellow, pink, light blue, light green or lilac. Crib bumpers must be tied securely to prevent suffocation.

Babies up to a year do not need pillows, and you should avoid placing soft toys inside the cot itself. A well-organized changing table is a must, complete with drawers underneath to store everything needed for nappy changes and even baths. Use a space heater to warm up the room at bath-time but remember to always switch it off and store safely when not in use. While in use, follow the safety precautions and avoid placing it near any cloth items or drapery, as these can easily ignite.

Coordinating your Theme

A cheerful rug, matching curtains or drapes and lampshades bring together the finished look for baby. Accessories are vital – arrange pictures and toys neatly to give the room a fun, attractive look. A mural is a great addition to a room, either on the roof or on one accent wall. Try not to make it too bright, so as not to be overly stimulating when you want baby to sleep. If a mural is not yet in your budget, a border, or a simple strip of wallpaper along the wall is a shortcut that looks great and costs nearly nothing.

With the number of skilled craftspeople available in Kenya, there is almost no limit to the creative ideas you can implement. These tips will enable you to create a delightful space for your young one to grow, sleep and play,  putting the ‘fun’ in functionality.

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