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Ask a Mum : How do I cope with Back-to-school Anxiety?

Q: Now that the long school holiday is over, how do I help my young kids have a smooth transition back to school? They have forgotten much of what they learned and are dreading school after the long holiday.

A: Lydia Remes, 45, mother of 13 replies:

It is normal for the first school term to be a big adjustment for your kids. Usually, the report form for this term reflects a poorer performance than the second and third terms. Understand that the kids will take time to get back into their stride. If they have holiday homework, review it with them and make sure they have completed it. A week or more beforehand, reintroduce some of their regular routines especially that of an early bedtime, preparing clothes and packing bags the night before as well as some daily light revision.




With my twins in kindergarten, I make sure to spend at least half an hour a day doing exercises in English and Maths. That way when school starts back, they are very comfortable with learning and they are often ahead of their class. Speaking positively of school and purchasing uniforms and supplies early also lessens the stress for them and makes them look forward to joining their friends for another term of learning.

Finally, I take the time to personally meet their teachers each term and express my desire to co-operate with the teacher in the child’s education.  This actually enables the teachers to pay more attention to your child and to treat her better.

It is also a good opportunity to lay down boundaries for discipline and to alert the teacher of any learning difficulties, religious or medical restrictions that may affect your child’s participation and performance.

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