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Your Baby at Week 10

Your 10 Week Baby

Your 10 week baby is now ‘talking’ more. This includes making gurgling and cooing sounds. She also is working on her grip so you can offer her items to grip on including your clean fingers. Her fine motor  skills are beginning to develop as she puts her hands in her mouth and plays with each hand.

baby laughing
She will likely be staying awake more and you will begin to see a pattern in her activities. You can use this to structure your day. For instance if she is more playful during the afternoon and prefers to be held in the evening. Take note of that and plan your busy tasks for when she is happy to play by herself on her back. You can invest in a small play gym, on which she can lie and stare at toys and try to pull at them. There are a number of educational and age-appropriate games for babies and toys available from our MumsVillage partners in our Info Center. Just click here to find toys that your child will enjoy.

You at week 10 of baby

You may or may not be sleeping enough at this stage. If your baby wakes frequently at night, you may need to check in with a sleep specialist – you can find one on Babywinkz and schedule a free Skype consultation. This is also a good time to decide whether you will co-sleep with your baby in your bed or in a cot or crib inside your room, or whether baby will sleep in her own nursery. Some new mums swear by putting baby on a schedule.

mother,father and baby sleeping
Some relationship advice is that your relationship with your partner will undergo a metamorphosis thanks to baby’s arrival. Marriage tips for newlyweds: you may miss the days when you did not have a third wheel, and long for the carefree times of not having to worry about this precious, delicate, somewhat befuddling bundle of joy. However if you use these times to talk through your feelings and to involve your partner as much as possible in child-rearing, your baby will actually draw you closer, rather than becoming a wedge in your

Make time for your spouse – he needs you even though you are exhausted and hormonal and focused on your 10 week baby. You need his support and encouragement as well. Schedule moments where it is just the two of you and you can talk about anything other than baby, and bond. These ‘date nights’ can be spent watching a movie on the couch, or taking a short walk around the estate while Nanny or Mother-in- law watches the baby.
Finally, your body is likely still puffy and bloated at 10 weeks. Do not worry – keep hydrating and keep breastfeeding. The weight loss will come. You can download some simple apps that give you 5 –minute a day workouts. Slowly but surely you will see your body return to its original tone, and more importantly your energy levels will begin to climb. Exercise also greatly improves the quality of your sleep, even though at this point the quantity of sleep is less.

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