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Ask a Mum : What is it like to have a Home Birth?

Everyone’s experience is different. Nike Kondakis, Mother of Two, shares her home birth story:

I bought an inflatable birthing pool, which I shipped in from overseas. Some local Doulas have something similar, with a separate pipe and lining for each use. It was a really nice experience – I had my baby in the warm water, which took all the weight off. I had my selection of soothing music playing, and candles to create a cozy atmosphere.  It was not like a hospital stay with different personnel coming in and leaving for their shifts. My Midwife was there and she stayed with me from beginning to end.


My first birth it was tough. It took 16 hours, because my baby was very big – she weighed 4.4 kilograms. They kept monitoring the baby and me so I felt really safe throughout. It was so nice afterwards to have her on my chest and sit in the water while I wait for the placenta to be born.

Then straight into our bed to chill as a family, not a cold hospital environment.

A number of doctors were opposed because the scans showed a big baby, at least 3.5 kilos. They did not know the baby would even be almost a kilo heavier. The gynae did not like the idea of home birth so I had to change my gynae. It is very likely that at the hospital, they would have done an episiotomy, but since I was at home with nobody rushing me, I tore very little. Afterwards, my midwife visited me at home every day for a week to check on me – to see how I was getting on with breastfeeding and to ensure my uterus was returning to shape.


My second home birth was very easy and straightforward. I pushed for about 10 minutes and the baby was born. I delivered her myself in the water – Picked her up and put her on my chest. My first-born was two years old and she was watching and saw her sister being born.


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