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Ask A Mum: How do I Homeschool my child?


Q: We have become increasingly frustrated with the effect of the school system on our child. Rather than have a young child leave at the crack of dawn and arrive late with so much homework, we are considering HomeSchool. How can I go about it and what are the benefits?

Milly Madara, Mother of one, responds:

With home schooling, you decide on which curriculum to use and the pace you will educate your child. Several home schooling groups or co-ops, form support systems for parents pursuing similar goals. Some of them get together once a week and engage in activities that require a group setting, such as field trips, outings, arts and crafts, a writers’ club, trips to the museum and others.

This way the home-schooled children acquire socialization skills from their peers, while we parents enjoy a support system. Elimu Nyumbani is a good resource center for Home Schooling information. You have to be available as a parent, and you must be disciplined. For instance it is important to make our son get up at a certain time each day and get ready just like he was going to school.

We make learning fun so he really enjoys it. It was tough at times to make him adhere to the schedule, but now we also have a tutor to assist us. That took some of the pressure off me.  I believe that home schooling gives kids a more realistic view of life and helps them be well-rounded. Plus the kids often develop a strong bond with their parents which contributes to their overall happiness and maturity. Many of them accomplish far more than their school-going peers. You do have to use an International curriculum as 8-4-4 currently does not provide for independent learning. There are tons of resources online, and you can also get some shipped in from overseas. The book Homeschooling my child in Kenya, by Mary Muriuki, is a great source for more tips.

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