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Ask a Mum : Bathtime Safety Tips

Q: My Nanny is an experienced Mother and she says I can leave my 6-year old in the tub to bathe himself. At what age should a child be allowed to bathe themselves alone?

A: Jacqueline, 31, mother of one, gives some bathtime safety tips:

A child should always bathe under supervision. This is because it only takes a split-second for an accident to take place bathtime safety is crucial . Children can slip on the soap and fall in a shower, injuring themselves on the hard tile floor or walls. In a basin or a bathtub, children can easily drown even when it appears that the water level is low. It varies with each child but normally by the age of five or six, a child can be trained to wash her whole body properly. This includes underarms, neck, ears, privates and feet.  The only thing they may need you to do for them is to scrub their backs. I also do spot checks every few days to ensure that everything is getting cleaned.


As tempting as it is to leave your child completely without supervision to bathe, make sure you remain in the bathroom even if you close the shower curtain for privacy. As they get older you can hover around nearby. Some Mums will leave their young child in the bath alone but only momentarily. Some will insist that the child recites the ABCs out loud or sing songs continuously. That way when your child suddenly goes quiet you know something is wrong.

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