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Our Top 7 Dad Stories of 2015

There are so many exciting, inspiring and heart warming dad stories on Mum’s Village but here are this year’s top 7 dad articles.

  1. Tribute To Papa

To Innocent Owino, his dad was disciplinarian and a hardworking man who taught him great life lessons. This includes being responsible and how to take care of the family. He might not have been overly religious but he was a respected man. Now a father of two, his desire to be half the man his father was.


  1. Real Dad Interview: Dating A Single Dad

Becoming a parent changes you. Being a single dad, the matter is no different. This article looks at dating for single dads according to a real dad’s experience. It also talks about the kind of woman a single dad is looking for as well as great tips for women dating single dads.

black father and daughter
  1. Real Dad Interview: Eric Wainaina

Eric wainanina talks about his happiest childhood memories and how he replicates this in his children’s lives. He also speaks about involving his children in his music career. Eric Wainaina takes us through a typical day in his life and how he maintains presence in his children’s lives. He then concludes with awesome advice for Kenyan dads.

Eric Wainaina
  1. What It Means To Be A Father

Being a father revolves around patience, sacrifice and integrity.  Fatherhood is a responsibility, a blessing and a joy. This is an insightful article about a dad’s discovery on what it actually means to be a father.

african father-swimming-with-son

  1. Dads are Different: Interview with Neil Ribiero

Neil Ribiero, a CEO of an international organization and a father of two shares how he manages to balance his career and family. Despite having to work and travel his family comes first. Get to know why he prefers living in Mombasa, what he does for recreation and how he keeps work from interfering with family.

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  1. 4 Reasons Dads Shouldn’t Play with their Kids

Can playing with your children too much contribute to raising angry and depressed kids? Christopher Madison a father of two highlights four best tips for fathers on how to avoid falling into the over parenting trap.


  1. But what about Dad?

Many moms are guilty of “maternal gatekeeping”. Learn how a mum with a “mum might know best” mentality, learnt to step aside and let dad do it his way. Dads do actually do it different and that’s okay.


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