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No More Dry Skin

The little boy’s skin has always been very sensitive.

Diagnosed with eczema and dry skin two months after birth. We were forced to pay attention to things that we would normally have been taking for granted such as which soaps to use when bathing the little boy and those used to wash his clothes; ensuring that his clothing was cotton which kept him warm and allowed his skin to breathe … the list went on and on.

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The initial stage of finding a moisturizer for dry skin was chaotic because the little boy’s skin is so sensitive.

A cream would be recommended by the doctors in Kenya, it would work for about a week or two, and then the little boy would react to it. Our dresser was starting to look like a little store. At some point we even tried natural home remedies. Mums Village has a list of doctors and specialists for you to choose from, just click here.

At some point, the only thing I had not tried was Johnson’s baby moisturizing lotion.

I had stayed away from Johnson and Johnson products mostly because of baby tips from others in other words… rumors. I am sure you have heard them; designed for white babies, too strong for baby’s skin, too expensive, etc.

Desperate for a solution for the dry skin, I stood in front of the Johnson and Johnson products at the supermarket, and thought through all the things I knew about Johnson & Johnson.

I had known of the company for as long as I could remember, their products are used worldwide, come to think of it, none of the rumor mongers had actually used the products… I decided to give it a go.

I picked the pink bottle off the shelf, paid for it, took it home with me determined to find out for myself what it was like to use Johnson’s baby moisturizing lotion, and have never looked back since. I tried it on myself first and found that while the lotion is quite heavy coming out of the bottle, it spreads quite easily when rubbed on the skin. It is not oily and a little goes a long way.

I was initially worried about the scent – I didn’t want the little boy smelling flowery, but it turned out to be really subtle once applied on the skin. Subtle enough that I have found the little boy’s daddy squeezing out a few drops to apply on his arms when he wears a short sleeved shirt.

The little boy’s skin has not reacted to the moistening lotion, we only get the rare eczema outbreak when there is a significant change in the weather, and to date his skin is silky smooth. He is your typical rough and tumble boy, falling, getting cuts and grazes, but with a distant soft powdery baby smell on his skin.

The label may read Johnson’s BABY moisturizing lotion, but in our house it is gentle and delicate enough for the little boy’s sensitive skin, subtle yet strong enough to smoothen daddy’s leathery skin, a moisturizing lotion that can comfortably be used by the whole family. The same today, as it was that first time I tried it.

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