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Your Baby from 6 to 8 months

By now you are probably heaving a huge sigh of relief. A 6 to 8 months baby marks the W.H.O recommended target milestone for Exclusive Breastfeeding. (EBF) If not, you can still give yourself a pat on the back for having nurtured your infant thus far.

You are starting to experiment with introducing solids into the baby’s diet. Therefore you can look for baby solid food Kenyan recipes. Weaning is a long process, and it is trial-and-error so be patient and remember to give tiny amounts of individual new foods. This way you can closely monitor how your Baby reacts to each type of food.

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If she spits out certain food it does not mean she hates it; your 6 to 8 months old baby she is still learning to get accustomed to different textures. Keep feeding her until she can hold it in her mouth long enough to swallow. She should now be sleeping for up to 14 hours a day.

Your baby can now sit upright by herself. Your 6 to 8 months old baby, will be able to move around on her own. She can move objects from one hand to another and can reach out for toys which she immediately puts in her mouth.

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Watch her like a hawk – at this age, she can easily swallow random items and choke. When lying on her back position, she can also put her toes in her mouth. Have her spend some time on her tummy will strengthen her back and help her ease to crawl. Her babbling sounds have now grown into giggles, squeals and lip clicks to express different emotions. She can drink from a cup and can feed herself from a feeding bottle with a little help.

Your baby can now recognize you and other people close to him. She understands that you have a relationship and will cry when she sees you leave. She will be sensitive to strangers. She has begun teething therefore, you will notice increased drooling. Keep her bib on to avoid soiling her clothes.

You have a cause to worry if the baby cannot grasp things by 8 months or cannot smile. Pay attention if the baby cannot make eye contact and does not seem to recognize you or others close to him.

How your life has changed

How to lose weight after baby: the good news is that you can now take up your pre-birth exercise regime. You, however, need to be cleared by your health care provider. Healthy living: instead of going to the gym, get creative and take up home exercises which can allow you to work out with your baby.

You still do not have your pre-baby body and you may experience body image issues. You now have control of your bladder. You will notice that these past few months, even without trying to, you have surrounded with yourself with other mothers. Do not feel guilty if you find that you have nothing to talk about with your childless friends. Instead, seize this opportunity to expand your network of friends.

Tip: “I decided to try baby led weaning with my second child and it is working out great. Instead of mashing all the different foods together and spoon-feeding she, I let she explore the softer family foods. It is a bit messy, but at 8 months, she can feed herself and can eat some of the regular foods I cook for her and rest of her family,” shares Susan Makori, a 33-year-old mother of two

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You might find the Solid Feeding Guide useful through this stage of your baby’s development.

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