Parenting Tip : Age-appropriate Chores for your Child

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Parenting Tip : Age-appropriate Chores for your Child

Age-appropriate chores are very important for your growing child. They help teach responsibility from a young age.

Children like feeling needed and helpful. As they grow up include them in your day-to-day house chores when you wash dishes or vacuum the living room or even cook. If you teach them the importance of helping out now, it will make them more self-sufficient and hardworking as they grow older.

Avoid doing everything for your child, let them do what they can and learn as they go. Remember every child matures differently so adjust the chores according to your own child’s skills and physical development.

You can make it exciting by slotting in a reward to keep them motivated and eager to do their chores. It works wonders!


Don’t worry about finding age-appropriate chores because Mums Village has got you covered. Visit our Guides and Templates and download our suggested chore chart that is designed specifically for your growing child.

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