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Why it is Important to Protect Your Child Online

The Communications Authority of Kenya is highly committed to protecting our children from cyber crime. Here are some important reminders to help parents in Kenya when monitoring our kids’ use of the internet.

Some of the dangers for children in Kenya online include Pornography, Fraud, Cyberbullying, Identity theft, and internet addiction. The internet is constantly changing and what we have today might develop into various other crimes.


At the CAK we advise parents to sensitize their children about the following:

  • There is no difference between chatting on a gaming site and a chat site.
  • Remember that online friends on social media sites are really strangers. Be careful who you trust online. If you feel tempted to ‘meet’ your friend, for your own safety tell your parents or guardian and have them accompany you
  • Keep your personal information secret in the online game, in the profile and in the chat. This includes your name, address, phone number, email address, and photo
  • Don’t give out your friends’ personal information online as this could also put them at risk
  • Do not indicate where you live, where you go to school or when you are going to be away on vacation as this could pose a security threat.


There are many other dangers online, including identity theft, internet fraud, criminal solicitation ,inappropriate adult content and gaming addiction. Read more on how to protect your family from these on the CA website.

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